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Tomorrow the Escape From Tarkov Twitch Rivals start in North America (NA) and we have summarized all the information for you.

Off to the next round: The Twitch Rivals from Escape From Tarkov started a week ago. Back then the Europeans competed against each other, and you can find the winners here. However, the rivals in North America start tomorrow, so we have all the information about the upcoming event for you.

Escape From Tarkov Twitch Rivals in America – You need to know that

When does it start? In less than 24 hours, Escape From Tarkov’s Twitch Rivals begin. On May 18th, 2021 at 9:00 p.m. BST (British Summer Time) (10:00 p.m. German time), the transmission will begin on the following channels and in these languages:


The rules of the Tarkov Twitch Rival

Stage 1: In the first phase of the Tarkov Twitch Rivals, 24 teams of three must compete against each other on normal servers. In order to qualify for the next round, they must complete a series of achievements that have been previously determined:

  • kill a PMC (100 meters +)
  • kill 5 scavs
  • heal 400 damage
  • collect 20 PMC dog tags
  • kill a PMC with a melee weapon
  • kill Boss Glukhar
  • 5 raiders killed
  • kill three enemies with AGS or NVG
  • drink a whole bottle of vodka, kill a PMC and extract from the raid.
  • killed three PMCs in a raid
  • find an ASh-12 assault rifle and use it to extract from the raid
  • eliminate an entire opposing team from the tournament
  • kill a PMC while dying of thirst

The 16 teams that collect the most achievements in four rounds have established themselves for Stage 2 of the Tarkov Twitch Rival.

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Stage 2: In Stage 2, the winning teams compete against each other again. In this section of the Twitch Rivals they focus for the first time on the PvP factor of Escape From Tarkov. Here the number of cards is reduced and the points are calculated as follows:

  • Extract with tank batteries (there are 3 pieces on each map) – 10 points for each battery
  • Kill an enemy PMC – 7 points
  • Kill a Scav Boss – 5 points
  • Extract with a dogtag – 3 points
  • Kill a Scav Boss Guard – 1 point
  • Kill a Scav or a Raider – 1 point
  • Extract with loot found in the raid – 1 point for 20k rubles value

The winners will then receive a prize pool ranging from $ 300 up to $ 6,000:

Winner / Ranking Price
1st $6,000
2nd $4,500
3rd $3,150
4th $2,250
5. – 6th $1,650
7 – 8th $1,200
9 – 12th $750
13 – 16th $600
17 – 20th $450
21 – 24th $300

You benefit from the Tarkov Twitch Rivals

Here’s what you can get: You can get Twitch Drops throughout the event. As always, you can get this by watching your favorite streamer. In contrast to other things, you don’t get the drops by simply looking. The streamer has to complete certain achievements so that items are unlocked in his stream.

You can find out exactly what the streamer has to do in order for you to receive your drop in our special article!


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