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A second trailer for the new Escape From Tarkov map “Streets of Tarkov” was recently shared by the developers. In this one they show a very big thing — the map itself! We’ll analyze everything you can see!

Welcome on Streets: The current status of the Escape From Tarkov Map Streets of Tarkov or Streets for short was shown for the first time in June 2020. This map has been in the works since 2015. The map offers a dense cityscape and focuses on urban combat in houses and in narrow streets, which should not please everyone.

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New Trailer for Streets of Tarkov Shows Impressive Size & Detail

This is shown in the trailer: The material shared a few days ago on Escape From Tarkov and its new map Streets of Tarkov shows an extensive insight into the map. In the trailer you will not only discover wide streets, winding alleys, backyards or apartments.

Our main focus was on the general level of detail. Every inch seems to be filled with trash, debris, or other clutter. The graphics cards in our editorial team have already founded their own labor union:

Structure of the map

  • Wide streets: On the streets there are countless wrecked cars and remains of the former residents.
  • Narrow Alleys: You can go on a discovery tour away from the main streets. Here you will find many little stories as well as some overgrowth due to the absence of people.
  • Interiors: The interiors of buildings in Tarkov have always been represented in great detail. But the apartments on Streets of Tarkov feel somewhat alive, and you believe that those flats had real inhabitants once. They are all different and you can discover many stories here too.
  • Hotspots & POIs: On the new Escape From Tarkov Map you will also find Points of Interest (POI) or special locations. Because it looks like SCAVs settled down and barricaded entire backyards.

Campers on Streets of Tarkov & Other Problems

Brace yourself: sniper, sharpshooter or camper? No matter what you call players who lie in wait to hunt, Streets will take that to a new extreme. Building complexes that are widely accessible and offer more than 20 possible windows to shoot out are not everyones cup of tea.

But how exactly does developer Battlestate Games want to counteract this? Unfortunately nothing is known about any measures to prevent some from camping. At the moment, the team around chief developer Nikita Buyanow has not commented on that. The suggestions from the community are as follows:

  • Cover many windows facing the street
  • Reduce visibility from Streets of Tarkov
  • Allow fewer players than regular despite the size of the map
  • Prohibition of certain weapons and / or attachments

Whether the last point is realistic is certainly a matter of debate. We hope the new Escape From Tarkov map, Streets of Tarkov, feels as good as the trailer wants us to believe.



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