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The developers of the hardcore shooter Escape from Tarkov have presented two new weapon models to the community via Twitter and Instagram. A submachine gun and a self-loading rifle.

These are the new weapons: The two new weapons that Battlestate Games have announced for their hardcore shooter Escape from Tarkov are a submachine gun and a self-loading rifle. Battlestate Games has not yet mentioned when they will come into play.

  • The KRISS Vector Gen.2 9×19 is a submachine gun with a futuristic look.

  • The SIG Sauer MCX 300blk is a self-loading rifle with a long or short barrel.
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What the community says: The Escape from Tarkov community seems excited about the new guns, but they are also wondering how ammunition prices will skyrocket. Some users also ask Battlestate Games to add less new content and instead optimize performance or take care of quality-of-life improvements.

What do you think of the new weapons and can you understand the criticism from the community?

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