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Yesterday a new Escape From Tarkov Update with Patch Notes was released. We got them covered for you!

Update now Released: You can already download the new Patch for Escape From Tarkov via the game launcher of Battlestate Games. In the following section we got the whole patch notes for you!

Here is the last Tarkov article for you!

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Escape From Tarkov Update 12.8.98 Patch Notes


  • Optics magnification is now displayed both when changing the mode and in the inspector
  • Items of the context menu “Search by item”, “Related search” and “Required search” returned to their original positions
  • Heavy bleedings are now treated primarily with medkits which have this option


  • Optimization of the game server work
  • Fixed various server errors


  • Fixed an error that caused the bots to run on the same spot without moving
  • Fixed an error that caused bots to enter the room with their backs forward
  • Bots are no longer throwing grenades while prone
  • Guards will now spawn at the same time as the boss


  • Hang on one hundred percent of the location loading
  • No penalty for endurance in case of hitting the character arms
  • Hanging treatment animation during the removal of bleeding
  • Throwing a grenade without third party view animation
  • The disappearance of the quest beacon on reconnect
  • Double triggering of container sorting
  • A number of technical bugs related to quick backpack drop
  • Overwriting standard weapon presets
  • Spawn of groups under ground (off level)
  • Speed of strafe movement
  • Change of the player’s voice, which was not applied in the Hideout
  • Blocking of inventory operations when the backpack is dropped through the inventory screen
  • The backpack cannot be searched or picked up if it was dropped during client shutdown.
  • Desynchronization of the backpack condition if it was picked up while firing.
  • Reloading with mag selection
  • Different bugs causing the error 228
  • Discharging cartridge from MP5 and Kedr
  • Different localization fixes
  • Various small bug fixes

That was everything in the patch notes from the newest Escape From Tarkov version! Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments!

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