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It was recently announced when the Twitch Rivals and Twitch Drops for Escape From Tarkov will be launched. We have all the important information for you!

We know that: Today the Twitch rivals of Escape From Tarkov start again. 24 teams from all over Europe take part to win a prize pool of 30,000 US dollars. Of course there are also Twitch Drops for Tarkov, which can be obtained from today.

New Twitch drops up to the Escape From Tarkov Rivals

These are the drops: The Twitch rivals for Escape From Tarkov will soon start and that’s why there are, as always, some new Twitch drops. This year you can dust off two different items. On the one hand a bulletproof vest and a balaclava in black and purple and the Rivals logo.escape-from-tarkov-twitch-drops-rivals-21

This is how you get Tarkov’s Twitch Drops

  1. Connect your Amazon Prime account to your Twitch account
  2. Connect your Escape From Tarkov account to Twitch
  3. Watch Tarkov streams until the end of the week & hope that your streamer does the
  4. appropriate tasks – more on that in a moment!
  5. Get your drops in the Twitch inventory and activate them in-game with a click of the mouse.

You will only receive a Twitch Drop for Escape From Tarkov if your streamer’s team does one of two things:

  1. Extract from a raid with 2 or more tank batteries
  2. Kill a Scav Boss

When does it start? You can get the Twitch Drops from May 11th. The end is on May 18th at 10:00 p.m., because that’s when the Tarkov Twitch rivals begin. That goes for the European tournament as other regions hold their rivals on different dates. North America will follow next on May 18, 2021. If there are any changes to the rivals by then, you will find out from us first!

If you want to find out everything about this event, check out the article from!


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