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Escape From Tarkov gets rid of the Vepr Hunter as an entry-level meta-weapon thanks to Update 12.8. It will be replaced by the Kel-Tec RFB. I’ll tell you why!

Why is something meta at all? A meta does not arise out of anything and is usually not implemented with intent by the developers. A meta describes a certain way in which the community plays a game because it proves to be particularly effective.

This, of course, means that Escape From Tarkov also has a meta. For beginners or just after a wipe this mostly meant playing Vepr Hunter until you drop. But that is about to change now!

escape-from-tarkov-vepr-hunter-buildThat’s why Kel-Tec RFB will replace the Vepr Hunter!

That’s why RFB is the better choice: Currently, most newcomers to Escape From Tarkov will still use Vepr Hunter. At the moment it is just more widespread and therefore a bit cheaper to get.

But this will change with the next wipe at the latest. A fully equipped Vepr Hunter is already almost as expensive as the RFB. After the wipe, the price for the latter should drop further. By this time everyone should have already tried the new gun. Even so, the amount should increase after a wipe.

Apart from that, all attachments that the Kel-Tec RFB can hold are easier to get and, in some cases, much cheaper. There aren’t too many modding options, but that makes it easier for newbies.

One step ahead! Basic build for Kel-Tec RFB

Must have attachments: You should mod most weapons, because that decreases values such as recoil and increase ergonomics. So the handling of the weapon gets better over all.

In the case of the RFB it can look like this: You put an RFB thread spacer on the muzzle, almost all 7.62 silencers or compensators fit on this. A list of prices & dealers will follow later.

How about a Thunderbeast Muzzlebreak and silencer, for example. These are basically the cheapest variants in this category.

You can of course attach whatever you want as a handle and visor. We recommend a Skeletonized Foregrip and an Eotech XPS3 Holo Sight.

Here are the prices & dealers

  • RFB Threadspacer: Peacekeeper L3 – $ 20
  • Thunder Beast Ultra M5 muffler: flea market – 25,000 rub
  • Thunder Beast 30CB: Peacekeeper L3 – $ 66
  • TD Skeletonized Foregrip: Peacekeeper L3 – $ 64
  • Eotech XPS3 Holo Sight: Flea Market – 20,000 rub
Ergo 55
Recoil 140
Price 115.000 Rub


If you follow this build, you have an incredibly cheap 7.62 mm destruction machine in hand. Cheaper than a Meta Vepr Hunter, larger magazines, and way easier to get overall.

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