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In Escape From Tarkov there is the possibility to increase the size of the hitboxes of opponents. That makes it easier to hit opponents. More in the guide.

This is the “Bug”: The alleged need-to-be-fixed Bug is a graphic setting that adjusts the aspect ratio. You can make this change in pretty much any shooter. Some shooters cannot even be denied claiming that it is a feature. True to the motto: “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature”.

This setting will help you achieve a seemingly better aim. But even this comes with a downside.


Here’s How The Hitbox Trick Works in Escape From Tarkov

What is a hitbox? You probably already know how a hitbox works, otherwise you probably wouldn’t have clicked on this article. However, here is a brief explanation:

Hitboxes are in the truest sense of the word boxes that are placed over a character, be it an NPC or a player character. In Escape From Tarkov, they serve as the registration point of hits. Depending on which hitbox is hit, you will receive different damage parameters in different parts of the body.

In many shooters, the hitboxes can be artificially stretched. They don’t really get any bigger, they only appear that way to you! This of course makes it easier for you to meet her.

How you increase the hitboxes: You don’t have to do much except take a quick look at your graphic settings. Here you will find the option to adjust your resolution at the top. Regardless of whether you play in 1080p, 1440p or crazy 2160p (4K), you keep the resolution. Despite the fact that the screen ratio can be changed with it.

The option you’re looking for is simply called “Aspect Ratio” and it should be below the Image Resolution. Here you can make several settings again:

  • 16:9 – Standard aspect ratio of high definition monitors
  • 5:4 – Almost square image ratio
  • 4:3 – Not quite as square picture, known from CRT monitors
  • 5:3 – Rectangular image that appears slightly square

Normally you should have selected 16: 9 here. So that you can stretch your picture and the hitboxes, it is best to switch it to 5: 4. This ratio creates the greatest distortion.

You can see the result in this table, which was created by Youtuber Eroktic.
It represents a white box at a distance of around 25 meters.


There is a Downside to the increased Hitboxes of Tarkov

That’s the Disadvantage: Since you want to increase the size of the hitboxes in Escape From Tarkov, you also have to expect a downside. This is then usually the decisive factor in preventing developers from removing this alleged exploit.

Once the hitboxes in Tarkov are increased, you lose a huge part of your horizontal field of vision.

With an aspect ratio of 5:4 at 1080p, you lose around 50 percent of the possible field of view compared to 16:9. But keep it up, its not that bad.

Dynamic change of the FOV: So that you can zoom into the hitboxes in Escape From Tarkov and still not be exposed to too great a disadvantage, you have to adjust the aspect ratio depending on the map and play style.

Do you go ranged on Woods and sneak through the woods? Then you should use 5:4.

But if you are on narrow, confusing maps such as Factory or Labs, you should activate 16: 9. Because here you won’t fight over great distances anyway. It is more important that you see a lot at a glance!

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