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Escape From Tarkov is becoming ever more popular and developer BSG has also noticed this, so they are now launching the fast pace Fee2Play shooter Hired Ops, which takes place in the same universe.

What’s this? Hardcore Escape From Tarkov fans will be wondering what this is supposed to be. A fast paced shooter in the Tarkov universe, that doesn’t really fit! But to be honest, this is the second Free2Play title that swims in Tarkov’s waters.

This is Hired Ops – Worth a look or go by?

That’s what it’s about: Similar to the Battlestate Games debut “Contracted Wars” and its forerunner, hired ops should also take place in the same universe as Escape From Tarkov. But it doesn’t contribute too much to the lore.

However, there are some similarities between the Free2Play and the tactical shooter. Above all, both use the same graphic assets, although Hired Ops obviously draws the short straw here visually. Still, you immediately feel at home — at first.

In addition to the assets and the gossip that it was the same universe, that was it again. From here on, hired ops would like to make ends meet alone.hired-ops-gut-revieew

Is Hired Ops any good: During the Early Access phase on Steam, the shooter enjoyed great popularity in some cases. This is probably due to its simplicity, which reminded many players of the “good old days” with Call of Duty and Battlefield.

But that’s exactly what you can see, hired ops doesn’t seem to be an alternative for die-hard Escape-From-Tarkov players. But it doesn’t make it bad either, other factors ensure that. Some bigger problems with hired ops include:

  • Sound: The sources of gun noises are difficult or impossible to locate
  • Connection: Even with a very good internet connection, you will often encounter lag and desync.
  • Gunplay: The handling of the weapons and their recoil are actually more reminiscent of Free2Play standard food than Escape From Tarkov.
  • Mechanics: Hired Ops is full of unfinished mechanics. The medical system is completely superfluous and hits are assigned to the wrong body regions.
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Should you try it? Maybe!

This is what awaits you: Now of course one last question arises: is hired ops good or bad? We say it all depends on your type of player. If you are just looking for an entertaining change in which you can get off CoD 4 or Battlefield 2 moderately, Hired Ops might be the right thing for you.

However, if you expect an Escape From Tarkov Light, in which the basic mechanics remain the same, but the game itself becomes faster, you have to wait for the announced arena mode for better or worse.

If the fever has seized you, or you just want to try out Hired Ops, you can download the game for free via Steam here.



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