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Escape From Tarkov Arena has seen many changes before it even appeared. Also, now there are many adjustments to the gameplay, which we have summarized for you!

New changes: Again there are adjustments to the arena “mode” for Escape From Tarkov. The faster PvP focused version of the game was to be released first as a mode, then as DLC, and finally as a standalone game. But there are also adjustments to the last plan.

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Escape From Tarkov Arena – This is how it should be & it will cost

What is Arena? If you don’t know what the game mode/game is about, here is a short summary: In Escape From Tarkov Arena players are thrown into smaller levels but have to survive and loot here as well.

The difference to the normal game is not only the size of the maps but above all the focus on fast, highly competitive matches. The concept is reminiscent of a Call of Duty with the intensity, controls, and features of Tarkov.

Originally, the arena mode, as the name suggests, should be part of the main game. But due to a change of focus in development and rising costs, Arena is now to be outsourced. However, chief developer Nikita Buyanov promises that the pricing will be a bit cheaper than the Escape From Tarkov main game.

Until now players were supposed to earn in-game currency in Arena that they can transfer to Tarkov. But there are some major changes coming to the Arena Mode.



Current strategy: Escape From Tarkov Arena is still to come out as an independent offshoot of the same universe. In a stream that was held a few days ago, the developers explained to the community that changes have now been made within development:

  • Own currency with no transactions between games
  • Players can lose equipment through death
  • Two new game modes. Task based (capture the flag & unknown)
  • Co-op mode in which you hunt down bosses.
  • New team has been formed that only works on EFT Arena.

News soon: As soon as there is something new about Escape From Tarkov Arena, we will report on it. In order not to miss anything, you can activate the push notification on your smartphone or in the browser!


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