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Escape From Tarkov has an extensive key assignment, sometimes with absurd combinations. That’s why we’re listing them all here in a nutshell!

This is why Tarkov has so many keys: Escape From Tarkov is a tactical shooter that is completely based on realism. This is not only noticeable in the detailed game design but above all in the opportunities given to the players to express themselves, to adopt a position, or to carry out tactics.

With this claim, Battlestate Games cannot avoid stuffing the keyboard with abbreviations below the Numpad. Since Tarkov’s key mapping is so extensive, we have some shortlists here!

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Escape From Tarkov has this key assignment & shortcut in V. 0.12

1. Basic controls

Ausführung Taste
Move forward W
Move to the left A
Move to the right D
Move backward S
Lean left Q – Hold
Lean right E – Hold
Jump Space
Run Caps Lock
Sprint Left Shift
Duck C
lie down X
To interact F
Open inventory Tab
Next XY Mouse Scroll+
Previous XY Mouse Scroll-
Check time O
Check time + exits O – tap twice
Speak Y
Open language menu Y – tap twice
Emote-Quick-Slots F1-F12


2. Advanced motion control in Tarkov

Ausführung Taste
Free look around Hold the middle mouse button
Controlled left-leaning Left Alt + A
Controlled right-leaning Left Alt + D
Step to the left Left Alt + Q
Step to the right Left Alt + E
Adjust character posture C + Mouse wheel scroll up & down


3. Basic combat controls in Escape From Tarkov

Ausführung Taste
Shoot Left mouse button
ADS – Aiming through scope right mouse button
Reloading R
Quick reloading R – Tap twice quickly
next magazine R + Mouse wheel scroll up
Previous magazine R + Mouse wheel scroll down
Throw grenade G
Equip melee weapon V
Quickly equipping the melee weapon V – tap twice
Hold breath Left Alt


4. Advanced combat controls in Escape From Tarkov

Ausführung Taste
Activate night vision device & fold down face shield N
Activate tactical attachments T
Tactical Attachments: Change Mode Left CTRL + T
Change Scope & Sight Left CTRL + Right mouse button
Change the zoom level of the scope Left Alt + Right mouse button
Measure the ammunition level Left Alt + T
Change fire mode B
Check fire mode Left Alt + B
Check chamber Left Shift + T
Examine weapon L
Fold the shaft in and out Left Alt + L
Shoot overhead Left Alt + W
Blind firing Left Alt + S
Equip weapon 3
Equip main weapon 2
Equip secondary weapon 1
Slot 4 4
Slot 5 5
Slot 6 6
Slot 7 7
Slot 8 8
Slot 9 9
Slot 0 0
Zeroing the scope upwards Page up
Zeroing the scope down Page down


5. Inventory management in Escape From Tarkov

Ausführung Taste
Examine Middle mouse button
Fast transfer CTRL + Left mouse button
Fast equipping Alt + Left mouse button
Split up loot piles CTRL + Left mouse button – click and hold
Remove from inventory DEL
Rotate item R
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