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What are the best weapons in Escape From Tarkov? We get to the bottom of this question shortly after the last wipe. Which weapon is the best for players up to level 10?

New changes: The flea market has been changed in Escape From Tarkov. You can only use this from a level of 10 to purchase new weapons and attachments. This means that you have to get by up to level 10 with what you can find in raids and buy from vendors. We’ll show you, which of them are the best weapons in Tarkov!

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The 4 best weapons for players up to level 10

Which weapons are better or worse is often a subjective feeling. However, our selection today is based on numbers, caliber, rate of fire, and other tangible aspects:

1. SKS Standard Build

sks-tarkovThe SKS is one of the simplest weapons on the planet. It does not have many individual parts, which is why you cannot make excessive adjustments to the standard SKS. Nevertheless, it comes with some convincing features:

  • Large caliber 7.62x39mm: one of the most powerful ammunition types for beginners
  • Does not need any extra magazines as it has an internal 10-round mag
  • Already available from Prapor Level 1

If the ten rounds per magazine are not enough for you, you can purchase external 20-round magazines from Peacekeeper from level 10.

The result:

Weight Range Firerate
3,8 Kg 400 Meter 40 SPM
Ergo Recoil Price
64 98 22.000 ruble

2. Vepr KM / AK-M Build


You won’t be able to buy good AK’s at the beginning. You can still exchange them. At Skier, you can swap the Vepr 136 for two horse statues. You can also swap a fully automatic AK-M from Prapor for three Tuchanka cans. Plus you will find more than enough of these weapons during a raid!

  • With a 7.62x39mm caliber the same size as the SKS
  • 30 rounds in the magazine
  • With AK-M you can also fire fully automatically

For the best starter version of the Vepr or AK-M, however, a few changes have to be made.

  • Buy the Ultimak M1-B at Skier for 2,400 rubles
  • Buy the Burris FastFire from Peacekeeper for $ 110.
  • Replace the shoulder rest & handle with an Izmash polymer part.

The result:

Weight Range Firerate
2,65 Kg 400 Meter 600 SPM
Ergo Recoil Price
45 118 Exchange items + 25.000 ruble

3. ADAR Build


The ADAR is basically a semi-auto M4. You’ll find them very often in raids on Scavs. You can also exchange a rechargeable battery for them at Skier. This weapon can be used throughout the game, from early to late game. It owes this to the countless AR-15 mods that are in Escape From Tarkov.

  • Very high accuracy
  • Lots of mods
  • Fast 5.56x45mm ammunition
  • good at medium distances

Here, too, some changes should be made so that the ADAR is a good starting weapon. Buy a Colt A2 Rear Sight from Peacekeeper for $ 9. From level 10 you should then add the following:

  • KAC QD compensator at Peacekeeper for $ 50
  • Trijicon High Profile Mount + Trijicon RMR at Peacekeeper for $ 140
  • KAC QDSS NT-4 silencer. You can find this quite often in raids

The result:

Weight Range Firerate
3,35 Kg 500 Meter 800 SPM
Ergo Recoil Price
53 76 Exchange items + 20.000 ruble

4. Mosin Nagant Build


“One Shot, one Kill” is the unwritten law behind the Mosin. For 47,200 rubles, you can buy them right after the Escape From Tarkov Wipe at Prapor. If you’re a good shot, no one will stop you with the Mosin. It is one of the best weapons in Tarkov – if you can master it.

  • Strong 7.62x54mm caliber
  • Good over long distances
  • Extremely accurate
  • One hit wonder

Nothing really needs to be screwed on the Mosin itself. Buy them and get started. Note, however, that it only carries 5 rounds in the internal magazine. In addition, the Mosin is a bolt action rifle, which means that it has to be repeated after each shot.

The result:

Weight Range Firerate
3,5 Kg 1000 Meter 30 SPM
Ergo Recoil Price
21 176 47.192 ruble

Now you are asked: What are the best weapons in Escape From Tarkov for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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