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Ergastulum is a fantasy psychological horror game that got launched on Kickstarter by K Monkey. With inspiration from games as Dark Souls, Amnesia, Alien Isolation and a mix of Asian and Western folklore the tone of the game is set. The trailer and a first gameplay video will already pump your heart as the game truly looks terrifying and brutal.

Dark VS Light

In Ergastulum it’s your goal to seek answers to the many secrets lying around, while visiting both the light and dark world. The light world consists of an abandoned house which secrets you have to unravel. The dark world on the other hand is even less pleasant as it consists of the Ergastulum, an underground building which holds dangerous slaves and dark creatures. Traveling between the worlds is done by an in-game hypnosis mechanic, which will slowly have you question your own perception of reality and sanity. Unlocking all secrets will be done by solving different kind of puzzles.

The Candle and the Crucifix

If you think you are able to slash you way through the dark creatures, you are wrong. In your possession is a simple candle to light up the dark and a crucifix to protect you against these creatures. To survive long enough, you will have to hide using shadows or the environment and distract your enemies by throwing objects. So far there are over 14 enemies with each their own unique traits.

All these horrors you witness can never be healthy for a person, so here the sanity level comes in which will affect the way enemies react on you. Besides, every time you enter the dark world a new map will be generated so you will never know which horrors await.

The Plan

K Monkey consists of one person: Joey is a former Playstation developer that worked on VR Worlds and is known for his own games; Dungeon Nightmares and Dungeon Nightmares II: The memory. He decided to work on his own game using the nine years experience he has in the field.

When we asked him if he had any plans on releasing the game on VR, this was his answer:

”The game has a prototype already running on my Vive but as I work alone, I had to put it on the sideline earlier this year due to lack of funds. I’ve been on this project for around 12 months now, self funded, and this is one of the main reasons why I started my Kickstarter. If I am able to get more funding, this will go towards giving me more time to do the things I had to leave out including implementing VR.”

The Kickstarter for the game will end on December 7th so there are 25 days left to reach the goal of 60.000 pounds. Funding the game will come with different prize tiers. If the goal gets reached you can expect the game release in October 2018.



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