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You have mere moments to decide as your rickety escape pod descends through the atmosphere. With limited control, you must choose: land near the water, aim for the copper deposit or simply hope to avoid the alien outposts that dot the landscape. In Empyrion – Galactic Survival, you must gather your wits and resources to escape the planet and explore and conquer the solar system.

Under development by Eleon Game Studios, Empyrion – Galactic Survival is an Early Access “3D open world space sandbox survival adventure.” Build ships, planetary settlements and space stations to explore a variety of different planets and habitats across the solar system. Hunt alien wildlife for food, defend against other worldly predators and invade alien outposts to find rare resources and weapons. Play on your own, with friends or even against other players as you strive to survive and conquer. Empyrion combines elements from several game genres including simulation, survival and shooters.

The start of your lovely adventure.

To survive, the player must tend to their health, food and oxygen. Few planets have a breathable atmosphere so it is necessary to maintain a source of oxygen, either from a survival oxygen generator or an O2 generator that converts water into oxygen. You’ll start your adventure with a small supply of emergency rations, but be warned, these will run out quick. You will soon find it necessary to forage for edible plants and hunt the local fauna for meat. As you establish yourself, you’ll be able to garden and use food processors to create better quality food.

Empyrion crop farming.
Indoor gardening at its finest!


Almost anything you do in Empyrion is going to start with mining. As you explore your planet, you will discover deposits of a variety of ores such as iron, copper, cobalt and promethium. While more advanced resources are available on your starter planet in limited quantities, it will be important to eventually get off-planet to obtain larger amounts. Some ores are only available on more hostile planets, with larger concentrations of aliens and predators.

Empyrion - Mining
What a lovely day to gather cobalt!

You’ll start your mining career with a Biofuel powered grinder, but with a few upgrades, you’ll be mining with a beam that collects the ore for you. Further, through upgrades on the crafting tree, you’ll be able to craft an auto miner that will do the mining for you! Ores aren’t the only resources you’ll need to gather. Cutting down trees for wood and gathering fiber from certain plants will also be necessary.

Base Building

You start out with a survival constructor to help you build your way to success. It’s very slow and limited in the number of items you can craft, but with it you can build your first base containing such items as oxygen and fuel tanks, an oxygen dispenser and an advanced constructor. The advanced constructor opens up the availability of a larger number of items to be crafted, allowing you to eventually build your land and space vehicles.

Emyrion - Base
Build a base for shelter, or to show off.

In addition to building your base, there are a variety of ways to customise it’s appearance. With a paint gun and texture gun, you can design it however you want. Why not add some decorative blocks to spruce up the place with furniture and computer consoles.

Ship Building

Utilising a variety of crafting blocks, one can build a Hovercraft, Small Vessels and Capital Vessels in Empyrion. Thrusters, fuel tanks and RCS (Reaction Control Systems) are all parts that will make up your vessels. Hovercrafts are limited to about 3 meters above the surface, while Small Vessels are able to leave the atmosphere and fly to either an asteroid belt or a moon. To reach the other planets, you will need a Warp Drive equipped Capital Vessel, but don’t worry, you can likely fit your Hovercraft and Small Vessel (as well as your garden) on your Capital Vessel and bring them with you!

Empyrion - SV
Small Vessel scouting a desert planet.

Also with ship building comes a large variety of weaponry to aid in your offence and defence. Rail guns, turrets, rocket launchers and plasma guns are but a fraction of the available arsenal for all of your space battle needs.

Have It Your Way

Empyrion has a large number of ways to customise your game. From what resources your initial escape pod contains, to how many and what types of planets your solar system has, to the amount and variety of ore deposits found, you can make the game as easy or as hard as you like.

Similarly, the multiplayer world is just as varied. From hardcore PvP, to PvE Co-Op, to a PvPvE blend, you’ll easily find your favourite niche. Many servers have PvE starter planets that are wiped once a week to encourage newcomers to branch out and explore other planets.

Not a Builder? Not a Problem!

Do you love to explore the galaxy? Is mining your bag, man? Do you not quite cut it as a builder? Don’t worry! Empyrion‘s got you covered! One of the most interesting features of Empyrion is its blueprint system. Utilising the Steam Workshop, you can browse the hard work of other players and incorporate it into your own play. From bases to hovercrafts, spaceships to capital vessels, space stations to defensive batteries, somebody’s already done the work. Further, if you like to build, but in a more relaxed atmosphere, you can build what you want in Creative mode, make a blueprint of it, then import it into your Survival game. While it may sound like cheating, you still need to gather all of the resources necessary to build the blueprint, as well as wait for it to be created in your blueprint “factory”.

Empyrion - Explore other planets
Hi fellas!

Empyrion – Galactic Survival

Yes, it’s in Early Access, but Empyrion has a fine track record of significant updates. From reworking the U.I, to adding new blocks, hangar doors, repair bays and exciting alien bases, Empyrion continues to improve.

Empyrion – Galactic Survival is available for PC on Steam Early Access.



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