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Eleon Game Studios is proud to announce the latest development update to their spaceship creating, base building survival game Empyrion: Galactic Survival. Empyrion’s Alpha 6.0 update has the highest feature and content count in a single update ever! We’ve taken the opportunity to read through the changes and additions to bring you the highlights.

Take a Breather

A new oxygen system has been introduced in which the player can now create pressurised environments in bases and vessels. Players may now remove helmets and armour (more on that below!) to relax and conserve O2.

Empyrion - Oxygen Force Field
A new force field to contain oxygen in a base.

Should We Talk About the Weather

New dynamic weather systems have been implemented across worlds. Planets will now have clouds, fog, wind, rain, snow, hail, acid rain, radiated fog, thunderstorms, etc.. These are not merely visual effects, but can cause variation in radiation and temperature, as well as potential player damage due to acid rain, hail, meteor showers, and fire rain.

Additionally, playfield environments now have temperature and radiation variability. Temperature varies across planets due to factors such as biome, altitude, and time of day. These will effect both player health and the well being of player-grown plants in the new farming system.

Farming now requires more precise environmental conditions. Plants require temperatures between 20° and 30°, a presence of oxygen, and a radiation level of 0 to grow. Below 0°, above 50°, or radiation above 3, and plants will die. Flora may also be planted outside without a grow light if the conditions are right.

Trade and Teleport

Planetary and orbital trading stations now have NPCs for all of your trading needs. A new teleportation system has also been implemented to allow quick access between orbital stations and the planet surface.

Empyrion - Traders
Drop your drill? BERTRAM Weapons and Commodities has got you covered!

New Armour and Hair Styles

The unarmoured player now wears an interior suit without a jetpack, and can choose between light, medium, and heavy armours, each with different stats. This new armour system employs a slot based configuration to offer boosters for certain tasks.

Empyrion - Armor and Haircuts
Sexy new suits with very stylish crew cut and mustache choices.

Empyrion’s Polish

A complete overhaul of the GUI and HUD has been implemented with a list of changes so large, you’ll have to experience it rather than read about it.

Also, custom scenarios have been integrated into the Steam Workshop. Players are now able to design their own solar systems! New scenarios have also been added for both single and multiplayer.

The List Goes On!

In addition to the above highlights, many more things have been added or changed. Triggers and sensors have been added for the player to configure logic circuits such as AND, OR, XOR, etc.. to their machinery.

A convenient new system to manage O2, Ammo, Fuel, and Pentaxid has be implemented, reducing micromanagement of individual units. The new tanks increase volume while eliminating the need to move single units around.

Playfield instances accessible from teleport portals have been added for players to complete missions.

A major A.I update sees the inclusion of A.I controlled alien vessels which patrol planet surfaces and orbits, as well as orbital drone bases. NPCs have been added to orbital bases and trading stations, and are neutral unless attacked.

A new tutorial for a survival game started on Akua is now available, as well as the possibility to use Scenarios to start Multiplayer games. Beware! You now begin with less equipment for a truer survival experience.

POIs and resources have been revamped, improving spawning distribution and allowing for the possibilities of regeneration.

Map markers and waypoints have been added for better orientation and weapons, tools, and armour now have durability and may require repair. New status effects, new deco blocks, new devices, new weapons, new, new, new…

The list of additions and changes is tremendous, and full justice will not be served by a summary. For the full length of all that is new and beautiful, check out the announcement on their Steam page.

We here at Survivethis have been excitedly watching this Early Access game as it defies the EA reputation and receives update after update. Come back here for continuing information as Empyrion: Galactic Survival flies forward in it’s development.


SOURCEEmpyrion - Galactical Survival - Official
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