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Polish Developers, Huckleberry, have released their new MMORPG survival Edengrad, now in early access on Steam this month. We have had some hands on time with the game so can discuss its current status.

Edengrad is set in a post apocalyptic future earth, feeling very much like the result of a hedonistic night between Fallout, Mad Max and Rust. You are a descendant of the few survivors of a near extinction event, the human race has been forced to live underground in huge structures until now and you are one of the early pioneers hoping to build civilisation from scratch. The developers have a huge vision for the game, bringing together elements of crafting, base building, MMORPG leveling and questing. The initial feel to this progression is more in the vein of Runescape, gradual and repetitive work as you build up your knowledge of the different skills needed to survive. Everything in game is said to be craftable as well as scavangeable from mobs to the many foes.

The World is Barren

Game Features

Crafting and Skill trees :- It seems that everything in game is craftable and there are several skills associated with the gathering of raw materials and the further crafting of items. The more tasks you complete, the more options to skill up you have.

City building:- When you have gathered enough resources and prepared the basic materials needed for construction can you start to build buildings. If you group together with other players there is the potential to build vast scrawling cities over time.

Various Biomes: Earth has become a bit of a barren landscape but there are still different types of biomes for you to explore in the search of adventure and resources.

PVP:- Edengrad is an open world PVP environment, so staying in groups may be the key to survival, you can also form or join a faction.

Questing with friends is always better!

Like so many early access games there is a lot of potential here, Huckleberry are look to stretch the survival genre over a large landscape and introduce a stronger RPG element with questing and monsters of increasing difficulty. The question will always be, can the developers follow through on this potential and will the player fan base stay around to find out. Edengrad is in a very early stage even for early access, bare that in mind if you decide to sign up, you may encounter bugs and gameplay issues. However, one of the benefits of getting in early is having the ability to give feedback and perhaps play a part in its future if Edengrad grabs your attention.




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