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Eco is a survival game by the developers Strange Loop games. While it might looks similar to some survivals games out there, Eco gives an insight on the importance of a functioning ecosystem by challenging you to survive besides it without destroying it.

Alongside the Ecosystem

While the looks of the game might remember you of Minecraft, Eco dives way deeper into the understanding of the world and its ecosystem. It’s your goal to survive a meteor that is threatening the world, by doing so you will have to build, farm, harvest and take resources from your environment. But, taking too many resources will destroy the planet. When playing multiplayer this allows players to analyze data and take on laws on how to divide and use resources before animals go extinct or the pollution gets worst.

The future ahead

The moment early access goes live on steam, patch 6.4 will go live as well. This patch will include improved avatars which build further on the new avatars that got added in patch 6.3. As well as improved visuals to the waterfalls and pop up interactions. Besides this, the most important part of the patch will be the last sequence of the game, where you will either stop the meteor or let it destroy your world.

So far the developers are working on some interesting updates which will come throughout 2018. Soon we are able to use rotatable stairs and divide our settlements into districts. Later this year, we are able to domesticated certain animals by turning them into livestock or pets. All by all this shows that the developers are far from finished, in the meanwhile they also give their fans a transparent insight on what they are working on.

The beautiful world of Eco

Eco will release as an early access game at February 6th on Steam, with a price of 30 dollar. Because the price is dropping down and the early buyers of Eco have been supporting the game for a while, they will get a steam punk hat, goggles, a meteor shard and a fancy icon for the in-game chat.



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