Earlier this week, EA Games announced they would be shutting down Visceral Studios, known for developing the Dead Space trilogy. So far it is neither confirmed nor denied if this means the end of the popular horror series.

Heading in New Directions

Visceral Studios is one of EA’s oldest studios and responsible for producing many of the company’s most well-known titles. Patrick Soderlund, executive VP of EA Worldwide studios said in a post on EA’s official site, EA “will be ramping down and closing Visceral”. However, it doesn’t seem like the entire staff at the studio will be laid off as EA explained they are in “the midst of shifting as many of the team as possible to other projects and teams at EA.” But Visceral’s days as a studio are inevitably numbered.

Visceral has been around since 1999 and originally started out as EA’s Redwood Shores studio. The studio’s name was changed to Visceral in 2009, proceeding the release of the first Dead Space game in 2008. In recent years, Visceral has maintained its focus on other projects outside of the Dead Space series, such as the Battlefield DLC and Battlefield Hardline. The future of Dead Space is up in the air and it’s uncertain if the series will ever get a fourth addition. Nevertheless, we wish EA the best of luck with their new studio plans.

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