Dying Light – Content Drop #0: Reinforcements DLC

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Following the amazing reviews for the zombie survival shooter, Dying Light, developers Techland have announced 10 free DLCs featuring brand new locations, enemies, weapons, stories and mechanics!

Content Drop #0

As a 10 in 12 months taster, Techland has introduced an interesting Content #0 DLC titled Reinforcements. You can expect to experience a new faction of hardcore soldiers that are well equipped and tough to take down, a new mutant variation called the Goon that can be found wandering Harran’s old town, and an extremely stylish new outfit that can be stolen from soldiers for our beloved protagonist’s personal wardrobe. A simple yet super start to the 10 free DLCs; we can’t wait for all the planned future features, story-driven quests and cosmetic goodies.

More gore for Dying Light.

We here at Survivethis are extremely pleased that the developers at Techland have taken their community’s praise to heart and will be responding with such a generous gift. This is just a little taster before better and brighter things to come. We can’t wait!

Content Drop #0 – Reinforcements is now available for download on Steam; and don’t forget to sign up to Techland’s gaming platform, Gemly, to acquire an exclusive Harran Military Rifle!

Free rifle
Harran Military Rifle.




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