In response to fans request for a battle royale, Dying Light developer Techland will release a standalone version called Dying Light: Bad Blood. Our colleagues of IGN played the new mode in advance and released a ten-minute video of one round.

Intense Battle Royale Mode Bad Blood

Dying Light has finally responded to fans request for a battle royale mode. The new standalone multiplayer mode will be called Dying Light: Bad Blood. The objective in this mode is to kill hives and collect samples from the infected corpses. Once enough samples have been gathered, players can retreat to safety in a helicopter. There’s a catch, though. Once one player collects enough samples, the battle to the death ensues, as only one player can board the helicopter.

Players face off to the death.

Bad Blood Adds Exciting Gameplay

Maps are large and there are many weapons to be found. With a large arsenal available to them, fans can expect intense combat with real players, as they put their fighting skills to the test. Playing with online players, in a large map, with many ways to take down your enemies means more fun gameplay to experience in Dying Light.

Battle foes with your weapon of choice

Dying Light: Bad Blood is planned as a standalone but there are no words on a release date yet. Techland plans to release their battle royale mode in 2018 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation4. Everyone who wants to participate in the Alpha can register for it on the official website.

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