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While Techland still updates their horror game Dying Light a surprise happened during the E3 Microsoft conference. Because not only did they announce its successor with a trailer but also directly showed some gameplay.

What is Dying Light 2?

In Dying Light 2 it’s been fifty years since the fall which means its set fifteen years after Dying Light. Just as in part one, parkouring through the city is needed to stay alive. However, this time the city is four times as big with stronger zombies roaming around at night. Besides that, the game is a narrative sandbox which will change depending on the choices you make.

The announcement trailer showed on the E3, gives an insight on the city you live in and a part of the story.

Everything has consequences

In part two, choices will have huge consequences for the game. This already starts with the different factions you can join in the city. The gameplay video they showed at the E3 already gives an insight on what choices you can make as a player. In here it shows one of the tools you have as well, to zoom in on the distance.

In the video, you are on a mission for the faction: The Peacekeepers, where you need to negotiate with the survivors who are controlling the water supply. Killing them will put the control in your fraction hands which will bring stability to the area, give water to the street levels and raise morale. However, they have an interesting vision on order and only the people who side with them are safe.

Another choice you can make is to team up with the survivors, water will be a new currency giving you access to new resources and trading options. However, this will attract bandits to the city. As this is only one mission, every player is able to create their unique experience as there a lot of missions and a lot of choices to be made.

While a release date hasn’t been announced yet the game will release on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. So, fans can start looking forward to the promising successor of Dying Light! 



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