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Techland, developer of Dying Light 2, sent secret packages to various editorial offices and YouTubers that contained a secret date. We clarify what this is all about.

What happened? Many gaming magazines and YouTubers have received a package that includes a flashlight, a poster, and a letter. To find out what this is all about, you had to solve a little riddle and the result reveals that something big is about to happen. Unfortunately, we missed accepting the offer.

Mystery from secret package reveals live event date

That’s the content: In addition to a poster, which at first glance seems chic but not special, the package also contained a letter and a UV flashlight. Let’s start with the letter that says:

dying-light-2-secret-package-geheimes-paket-brief-live-event“Hello Survivor!

Do you remember Harran?

Of course, you do. But all of that – that was just the beginning … Now the city is our refuge, and it needs your help.

Do you want to know more?

You will, but you will have hunt. I had to hide the information – this place is not safe. Look for clues and remember, this is for your eyes only. This message must not fall into the wrong hands. You are our last chance, survivor! “

With the help of the UV lamp you then had to illuminate the poster, and bang, some secret notes became visible. Among other things, the full sentence from the Twitter secret “Dying to Know”.

Then you quickly see the name of the Techland Twitch account. In the left half there is also the date May 27th, 2021, and the time 9:00 p.m. CEST.


This awaits us on May 27th at 9 p.m.

We expect that: It would not be surprising if there were a lot of new information as well as previously unseen gameplay or a trailer for Dying Light 2. It’s also realistic that developer Techland will reveal a release date during this live event.

Regardless of whether you can be there or not, we will of course follow the event live for you and summarize all information in short snippets. So that you don’t miss out, save this article under your bookmarks, because we will update it with all information in good time.



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