Don't Starve: Hamlet


It has been a few months since we last talked about the new single-player DLC for the survival game Don’t Starve. However, Klei Entertainment showed their trailer of Don’t Starve: Hamlet at the E3 PC Gaming Show.

A jungle to explore

Don’t Starve: Hamlet takes place in a Pigmen town in the middle of the jungle. This town offers players to buy items from the many shops around and the safe feeling of not being alone. However, the jungle offers new danger as most plants and animals aren’t exactly happy to see you. But, if you think you are brave enough you can start treasure hunting by exploring the ruins. Just as in Don’t Starve: Shipwreck, players are able to navigate on the sea by crafting a raft.

The new DLC also comes with new items and new biomes, however, there isn’t any information about it yet. Besides, obviously the jungle biome.

While Don’t Starve: Hamlet got announced at the end of 2017, fans will need to wait till December 2018 before they are able to play it. As it’s a single-player DLC it won’t be added to Don’t Starve Together. 



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