Dont Starve: Hamlet


In 2015 the latest DLC for the game Don’t starve got added. But fear not, fans of the game are able to look forward to 2018 as a new single player DLC will appear! As well as changes to the existing DLC: Shipwreck.

Don’t Starve: Hamlet

The new single player DLC will be called Don’t starve: Hamlet and will appear in the store at the first or second quarter of 2018. This time you will be able to explore the civilization of the Pigmen as Wilson found the portal to their origins. This will unlock a city life with pig shops and houses, new items and biomes. You can also expect some tomb raiding by delving into ancient pig ruins.

Don’t Starve: Shipwreck new update

Shipwreck will be getting a free content update which adds more items and monsters.  Tar is one of the new resources you will find in the game. This includes new crafting items as a tar Extractor, Suit and patch.  While fishing you will notice some different fishes swimming around as three new variety of tropical fish got added as well as a rainbow jellyfish.  With the new update you can build your base on the sea now thanks to the galley and sea lab. In addition you can build sea walls which will block incoming waves and you will be able to make fish farms, letting you grow food on the water. Another handy update is the new sea yard, this will keep your ship repaired when you are on the water. So there is no need to panic anymore when your ship gets damaged.

Don’t Starve together: The Forge

As the single player game is getting a new DLC, don’t starve together will get a series of events. In the first event you will be trapped in a hostile world of fire and battle. Where you need to team up and defeat the battle master’s army and the champion: Grand Forge Boarrior,if you ever want to return to the normal world. These events will be limited time play modes which will mix up the experience of the game. The rewards will include a special event skin for your character. The events will be free for everyone that owns the game and will be coming in November. Console players will have to wait a bit longer for this, as the developers want to try it out on the PC first.

Winona portrait
A strong looking lady

As last but not least a new character got added to Don’t starve together, her name is Winona and she looks like she can handle herself pretty well.



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