Dont be afraid


As an 11-year-old you are often innocent and enjoying your childhood. Yet, this isn’t the case anymore for David, as he will need to grow up fast to have a chance of survival in Don’t be afraid.

Will you play with my children?

Don’t be afraid is an upcoming adventure horror game from Broken Arrows announced for the second half of 2018. So far, not much information has been revealed besides that the game was previously known as They’re Watching. But, Broken Arrows released a teaser to show us some dark scenes from the game.

You will be playing as David who suddenly wakes up in an unknown room while, according to the trailer, a sadistic psychopath is nearby and most likely kidnapped you. This should say enough of the task that lays ahead of you; discover the secrets of the mansion and find a way out before it’s too late. But, nothing is what it seems as the psychopath isn’t the only person you have to worry about, darkness awaits around every corner ready to grab you.

Besides that, the game offers additional items to collect which allow you to unlock new features. Furthermore you collect drawings, notes and documents to unravel the story of the mansion. As the main character is a child, the game will surely have an interesting perspective. One burning questions remains: Will David be brave enough to fight the horror and leave his innocent childhood behind for a chance to survive?


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