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Ark: Survival Evolved is represented at the Game Awards this year. And if we believe the Product Manager at Studio Wildcard, then we are “Not ready for what’s to come”.

Game Awards appearance: The collector of the Hype train is already busy collecting the tickets for the trip to the Game Awards 2020 on December 10th. Ark Survival Evolved will also be there and supposedly show us something colossal. In any case, the product manager of the developer hyped the fans!

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What can we expect from Ark at the Game Awards?

What the community believes: Below the tweet linked above are countless comments speculating about what to expect on December 10th during the Game Awards.
Over a dozen new trailers & titles will be presented there, including one for Ark Survival Evolved. Most fans assume that this is an Ark Survival Evolved 2.

Others hope, also based on a tweet from a developer, that there will only be one ray tracing update. But there is still much more speculation, including a tribal version of Ark that could do without the sci-fi part of the dinosaur survival game.

What we think: An Ark 2 would be a plausible idea, the last DLC Genesis 2 has been released. So for the Studio Wildcard team could dedicate themselves to a sequel. But how realistic is that really?

The release of Ark Survival Evolved 2 would initially split the community. Not only because the first part would have fewer players, but above all, because Ark is still suffering from some serious bugs.

However, it is known that there will be a sequel at some point. Co-creative Jesse Rapczak said this years ago in an interview with the online magazine Dual Shockers.

Our bet, therefore, goes to a so-to-say-overhaul of Ark with ray-tracing technology, which could then appear in the course of the coming year 2021. We’ll find out on December 10, 2020 whether we or the community on Twitter are right in the end!


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