In the first-person horror survival game Desolate we discover the secrets of a mysterious island. At February 8th the game, developed by HyperTrain Digital, went into early access on Steam.

Unravel the mystery

The history of the island Granichny is uncertain as it became the centre of a disaster two years ago. A conglomerate named The New Light tries to cover it up and with the help of the volunteers the consequences have to be kept in control. You play as one of these volunteers, and most likely never held a weapon in your hand. Getting send to Granichny, your mission is to research the paranormal activities on the island by gathering information and performing tasks.

At the Island you will find abandoned settlements, military bases and facilities to explore, where you will find notes and diaries from the previous settlers. However, while exploring you will encounter different monsters and soldiers. Take use of the shadows to kill them quietly or research their patterns to get certain advantages in battle. During your adventure you are able to gather recipes to upgrade or craft weapons and armour. To increase your chance of survival, you can also unlock new skills. As the mysterious island is full of danger, you not only have to keep an eye out for your physical condition, but also for your mental state.

If you don’t like to be a lone wolf you can play the game with a team of four players. Playing as a group will give you the unique ability to revive fallen teammates.

So far, despite some of the typical early access bugs, most players have been posting positive reviews on Steam. Desolate is currently available for a price of 20 euro. But, when the game gets out of early access, which should be around six months from now, the price will increase.


SOURCEDesolate via Steam
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