Video game enemies are often difficult and brutal to verse. Sometimes it takes you days or even weeks to kill an adversary. From the looks of Madmind Studio’s Agony, the demons are going to be quite the handful. We want to offer you some guidance for surviving against the demons of Agony. This will be a four part series where we will discuss the game’s four main enemies and give you tips on the best ways to outsmart and defeat them. Today’s focus will be on the Chort.

Part 1: The Chort

The demon known as the Chort is the Red Goddess’ largest and most powerful minion. He uses savage attacks to pulverise and mutilate his prey. In addition to being the largest and most powerful, he is also the goddess’ most loyal soldier. He goes to great lengths to please his queen and carries out the inhumane acts she orders him to do. For example, building grotesque trophies out of his decaying victims to honour her with.

This will not end well…

The Chort’s only purpose in life is to serve his queen by bringing pain upon others whenever possible. He is not selective with his victims and will attack any creature he can get his hands on, even his fellow demons. No one will dare try and stop him from fear alone of his menacing presence. The Chort has a strong craving for blood, torture and agony, which makes him the most deadly of the enemies in the game. He lives for the opportunity to smash, tear and crush his opponents. Are you feeling scared beyond belief yet? Allow us to help alleviate your worries with our tips when facing the Chort!

Bow down to your queen.

Using His Strengths Against Him

Everyone has a weakness, no matter how powerful or intimidating they are and the Chort is no exception. Ironically, his weakness lies in his strength. His animalistic strength makes him physically slower in comparison to the other enemies you face. You can use this to your advantage when in wide open spaces; you will find it is easier to avoid his attacks over other enemies’. However, the down side to this is that because of his large frame and inability to move quickly, he will put great emphasis on his other senses. That means that the Chort is a force to be reckoned with in close quarters. Keep your distance!

Survival Tips:

  • Lure the Chort away from your objective.
  • Remember to never confront the Chort in tight areas.
  • Try to avoid confronting the Chort at all if you can.
  • Use the Chort to scare off the other demons around you.

Stay tuned for part 2 in the series next week.

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