Deep Sorrow


At November 12th Deep Sorrow was released, a horror adventure game developed by QuickSave. We decided to check out the horror aspect and see if we were able to escape the scary bunker.

Hello there…?

André, a friend of us, has been missing. The last information we have brings us to an old bunker which is located near his family house. When entering the first thing we notice are old cars and crates. With nowhere else to walk to we continue to the end of the room till a strange door appears. A door might not be strange but when getting closer we are able to talk to it, or at least to the person behind it. The person gives us some clue about enemies floating around and how to get there. Because André is the only person to have enter the bunker recently, we assume he got locked behind the door and we have to get him out.

Deep Sorrow
Are you there André?

Take the pills

The gameplay is fairly straightforward, our character is able to jog, jump and crouch. Like in many horror games out there we need to collect items and use them to our advantage. We will find batteries for your flashlight, which we have to find first as well. Besides this we need to collect cloth, tape and alcohol to craft bandages. The fact that there is a crafting system for bandages shows that we will encounter some enemies along the way, which we have to avoid by sneaking around them. However, to see these enemies we first need to find and consume pills to grand a special vision. While walking around the first room we notice an elevator which is connected to a broken generator. To progress through the bunker and open the door to our friend, we will have to use collected items to fix the generator and certain broken doors.

Deep Sorrow
Some bandages might be useful

Deep Sorrow?

While the beginning of the game shows a good start for a story it slowly keeps fading away till we have no idea if the game even has a story. Around the bunker we will find several memory tapes which will tell us the memories of our own character, yet they don’t really answer any of the questions. As a result we end the game with the same information as we started it.

Besides the lack of a story, the enemies we encounter raise more questions than answers. These enemies are looking like flying flames and will scream a shockwave when they notice us. While we like the idea of the flames and their way of interacting with us, it slightly misses some danger. With some strategy it’s fairly easy to get past them without sneaking around the room. Yet, be careful as the shockwave hurted us quite a bit. Whether these flying flames are real or part of your imagination is another question that doesn’t get answered.

Deep Sorrow
Maybe we shouldn’t have taken that strange pill….

The scenery and graphics of the game are on point, giving us this unsafe feeling when we walk through the rooms with flickering lights. The sound effects and music add a positive note, definitely when we heard the screams from the deep for the first time. These reasons make the game worthwhile for the horror tag as it puts down some tension along the way. Yet, don’t expect a game with jump scares as it’s more of an adventure.

Deep Sorrow
Well this looks cozy

In conclusion, we can’t expect to play an amazing game when you see the current price tag on 3,50 euro. It takes between 15 and 45 minutes to finish, depending if you rush through it or try to find all memory pieces. The game could have been better if the bunker was a bit bigger and the story longer. But, if you want to enjoy a cheap adventure game with some horror aspects then this game might work for you, as there is nothing wrong with the gameplay. Regarding the horror aspect: it’s more an adventure than a horror game but the music and flickering lights bring some tension to the game.


SOURCEDeep Sorrow via Steam
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If you are looking for a short adventure game with horror tension regarding music and scenery the game might turn out good for you. Yet, the lack of a good story and an incredible small bunker doesn't add up even when the game is really cheap. For horror fans, this game is simply not made and i can't recommend it. deep-sorrow-review-get-me-out-of-here


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