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On the PlayStation Experience video game icon Hideo Kojima introduced the technical partner for his ambitious project Death Stranding. After the first trailer was recently shown in the context of the “The Game Awards”, it was noticed that Kojima also developed something interesting here to put the minds of the conspiracy theorists to the test.

Many secrets around Death Stranding

Also on the PlayStation Experience Kojima showed a trailer for his project. This presented in the picture exactly the same content as in the previous trailer – but with different sound. In collaboration with the Icelandic band Low Roar, who already produced the music for the Reveal trailer, a second background track with the title “Easy Way Out” was specially composed, which could betray certain contents of the game. Kojima would like to keep the community in the dark as long as possible, and to distribute hints to increase the hype and the mystery of the game content gradually.

Kojima also has little to say about the roles of the actors: It is well known that Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) will be the main character. Kojima admitted that the dark-haired Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal, Doctor Strange) will play the antagonist.

Guillermo del Toro, who made contact with Reedus for Kojima, is scanned as a character, but will not embody himself. This privilege is reserved for his two colleagues. There will also be at least one female cast, but Kojima is yet to say a name.

Cooperation with Guerrilla Games

Death Stranding will run on the Decima engine of Guerilla Games. Kojima agreed after thorough listening with the makers of Horizon Zero Dawn. The engine will be extended to meet the needs of the Japanese in some areas, because they have “big goals” together.

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