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Long update droughts at Deadside caused a lack of players. The community advise for the devs with the new update is “Let it be”. They want something completely different.

Apt game name: The Deadside servers are as good as extinct and that is almost certainly due to the lack of updates. Update 0.1.8 was released just a few weeks ago, but that was also the first major patch ever.

Now the developer Bad Pixel is sharing a new work-in-progress contribution, but the community declines with thanks.

This is what the Deadside Community really wants

Stop it now! Below Bad Pixel’s post about the next Deadside Update, one thing quickly becomes clear: The players want something completely different from the developers.

More precisely, it gets on the nerves of many users that the devs concentrate too much on the small details instead of keeping an eye on the big picture. The Post clearly shows that attention to detail is simply too great.

This may be a good quality of the team in itself, but at the beginning of development, they should first take care of the important content. First, implement all the planned features and then reworks can take place, not the other way around.

That’s what they want: Most Deadside players would like the map to be expanded. The currently playable region is still very small and the promised gigantic open world is yet to be implemented.


More mission variants or the necessary files to host your own server are also required by the community. In addition, there is still no means of transport, although these were planned for Q3 2020.

But let’s be honest, with the current size of the map, it is not necessary to be able to call a vehicle one’s own anyway.

Criticism is an attack: The Deadside developers at Bad Pixel do not take criticism well. At least that’s what streamers like Big Fry claim. In one of his streams, those responsible for the game’s development watched Big Fry play Deadside and participated in the chat.

Instead of simply accepting the criticism, the developers quickly went on the defensive. They defended their work by saying that their team is still too small. But it was their decision to plan Deadside in the exact way they did it now.


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