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Deadside developers Bad Pixel present new assets in a new dev blog and at the same time announce a new area for the next update!

Deadside in the criticism: We recently reported on the harsh criticism that Bad Pixel has to face for its over-ambitious survival mixture of DayZ & Escape From Tarkov. Players complain about the lack of content replenishment and apparently broken promises.

Now the developer has announced a new update that should appear soon.
This should include a new area, lots of new assets and even new mechanics

The upcoming deadside update seems small

It stays the same: the community’s criticism of the development of Deadside is clear. Instead of building lots of detailed assets and environments, the team should rather focus on the big picture and first build in all the features, mechanics, and regions.

These demands either came too late for the new devblog or Bad Pixel ignored them. Because in the new update, a new location will be added to the existing map, which is called Hallwo’s Eve and is apparently a large farm. There are completely new assets for this.

So again exactly what the ever-shrinking community has chalked up so far.
In addition, new features were promised. But what they will do is uncertain at the moment.

The problem with this: If the development team does not quickly reorient itself, it will have devastating effects on the entire project.

Because not only will the player base continue to dwindle, financial resources will also run out at some point. Deadside is currently not getting too much attention by survival game fans. The numbers of sales are extremely low too.

It still seems like the team thinks that Deadside is already a successful survival MMO. However, this is not the case. It took far too long to even publish the first update. In addition, priorities are still set completely wrong.



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