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Deadside’s developers have taken player criticism to heart. Deadside Update 1.10 is the first real content patch. Find out what really cool features are now!

The update at a glance: In the latest deadside patch there is a new medicine & health system, other new locations and types of missions. Plus, the AI soldiers have been reprogrammed from the ground up and are much fairer now!

There are also countless bug fixes and minor changes that you can find in the text!

Update 1.10 from Deadside: New Missions & Medicine

This is new in the update: The biggest innovation in the Deadside patch is likely to be a mission around a crashed helicopter. Here some troops are guarding the shattered wreck. These new missions spawn randomly on the map.

The player or players who manage to eliminate all para-troopers can look around for the rare loot in the wreck. However, if you’ve played DayZ: Epoch or Arma 3: Exile, you’ll know that it’s not nearly as easy as it sounds.

Other players are just waiting for an opportunity to shoot you in the back on the way to the loot.


New medicine mechanics: Similar to DayZ, your Health Points (HP) are now regenerated in Deadside over a certain period of time. So that it doesn’t degenerate into cheap HP rain like Call Of Duty, various factors play a role.

This is how your hunger and thirst will affect the speed with which you nurture your life points.

  • Both green: Comparatively very fast regeneration.
  • One yellow: If one of the two values is yellow, the HP takes a little longer to charge.
  • Both yellow: Strongly slowed down regeneration.
  • One red: as soon as a value falls to red, you cannot regain any more life points.

In order to be able to take full advantage of the new medical system, new items are of course required:

  • Painkillers: Heal quickly but also reduce your water content, so make sure to drink some!
  • Med-X: Restores a significant part of your health. Your food & water display will be emptied for this

You can find both items in the game world. But they are also distributed as mission rewards. You can also build Med-X yourself if you find the right materials.

There are these new locations: In the south-east of the map you can now find the lighthouse that was announced some time ago. In the vicinity of Cherny-Log, however, there is now a new military base and a new agricultural location.

Fairer AI soldiers: Changes to the balancing of bots. The hearing and eyesight for bots have been changed to mean fewer instant kills from shotguns. The guards in the watchtower recognize the player from a distance.

Further Changes in the Deadside Update 1.10

  • Steam Family Sharing is prohibited because of the amount of abuse cases (gamebreaking exploit)
  • Added random bot encounters in some locations
  • Changes of balance, hearing and vision for bots (should be less of instant kills from
  • shotgun, guard in watchtower will spot players from a greater distance)
  • Many masks and hat can be torn to rags
  • Vodka, moonshine and alcohol can be stacked (3 items in 1 stack)
  • Fixed armor on some Halloween masks
  • Incorrect damage to the helmets from heavy weapons fixed
  • Fixed ability to interact with items while using gestures
  • Ability to use items while walking into the water fixed
  • Fixed: in some case the amount of ammo didn’t update in the interface

Finally more updates: It seems that the survival hardcore shooter Deadside from developer Bad Pixel has finally caught on. After facing great criticism, the team finally found a new way.

It looked different recently. The YouTuber BigFry reported that the developers were guests in his stream and without exception defended their work and looked for excuses.


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