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After Dead Rising 4 failed to reach their expectations, fans of the series were worried that Capcom might give up on the franchise. In a recent blog post from the publisher, however, they confirmed that they are going to focus the complete attention of Capcom Vancouver back to their titular franchise.

The Sun Sets on Puzzle Fighter

The switch to Dead Rising 5 also means that Capcom Vancouver won’t have the resources to keep working on Puzzle Fighter. To show their appreciation to the fans of the game, they are gifting all the players 10,000 in-game currency. In addition, new characters and stages will be made available, free of charge. The game will be removed from all app stores by July 1st, but the servers will be kept alive until July 31.

Rumors Rising!

There wasn’t any official news about what the future holds for Dead Rising 5. But if you believe the rumors, the game has been under development by a separate studio since 2015. According to a leaked news from 4chan, the game takes place 25 years after the events of the first game, putting you in the shoes of an entirely new character. It is simply called ‘Dead Rising‘ and in this timeline, the events that occurred in DR4 is considered non-canon.

Say cheese!!

A lot of mechanics from the first game, like photography and psychos, is making a return. Survivor escorts are also back, but will only constitute half of the side missions. You will be able to interrogate characters, investigations being a core mechanic for side missions.

None of these rumors was officially confirmed, so you are advised to take it with a grain of salt. But we will keep our ears peeled for more news and keep you updated when they surface.

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