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The latest Dead Matter update not only brings new content, it is the first step in the new direction of development. Among other things, it fixes an extremely large number of bugs.

NDA on Dead Matter: Covering Dead Matter and its news and updates is a difficult undertaking. Because at stake is an NDA, i.e. a waiver that forbids us to report in detail about the survival game.

However, there is also the developer website, which is accessible to everyone, but does not share all of the content. We will use this as a source reference in the future.

Dead Matter Update 0.5.0: This is in the November update

General Changes: On November 5th, the team released Closed Alpha Version 0.5.0. The Closed Alpha version 0.5.0 focused on fixing some critical issues that were affecting playability while the team works on the major overhaul that this post was about.

The ladder system works, a reason to celebrate! You should now be able to climb any ladder up and down without any problems. So you can finally explore bunkers and house roofs undisturbed.

dead-matter-update-0.5.0Inventory & Economics: The player inventory and traders also received an update that reduces problems with trades. These are to prevent some mistakes like wrong amounts of money from being made in trading. Merchants also buy items that they are not allowed to receive – but that too is history.

Part of this update also includes a fix that prevents players from duplicating items. However, the team is certain that other ways of doing this will be found during their testing.

Zombies & Environment: The aggression of zombies have also been adjusted. So far it has been the case that after being shot you practically signed your death warrant. The undead should remain a great challenge, but the developers recognize that it was too much of a good thing.

Last but not least, I can tell you that the new Five-Seven pistol has arrived in Dead Matter.


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