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Dead Matter has got off to a bumpy start. The developers apologize in a post that also mentions a new direction for the game.

The start was so dramatic: Dead Matter was anything but ready for the closed alpha start. In this case, that’s not even due to the technology. Apart from a few performance problems, Dead Matter was already running smoothly back then.

The QI Software development team had problems with key distribution. The keys were shipped by email and that took up to 4 days. Now the developer apologizes in a blog post and promises to do everything better in the future!

Double The Work For a Better Result at Dead Matter

A sorry from the devs: In the said post, the project lead, who introduces himself as Nikolas, speaks up. He apologizes for the unsuccessful start but does not deny the guilt on himself and the team.

He admits that direct human failure was not to blame for the delayed start. Still, he admits that the responsibility still rests with the team and that they should have made sure that the distribution software was working.

Refunds are still being offered that unhappy and disappointed customers can request. The repayment should be made within a few days.

Housing in Dead Matter

That’s supposed to change: A lot has changed internally. Nikolas mentions that the entire team is looking for a new direction for development and its documentation.

The aim is to bring the work closer to what fans and backers saw in the QI Software videos back in the days when Dead Matter was announced. In addition, the team would like to return to regular video updates.

The development, which currently only relates to bug and technology fixes, is set to get a new focus. The team would like to tackle the big eye-catchers that were promised before the start of the Closed Alpha. However, updates are said to appear every two to four weeks to keep the game fresh.

Helping with installation: In the blog post, another developer comments on the prevailing confusion regarding installation. You can find the video that summarizes how to get and install Dead Matter here:


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