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Two years ago the French indie studio CCCP released a survival management game titled Dead in Bermuda. The game was known for its difficulty, curious characters and strange settings that left many unanswered questions. Now, the same team are currently working on a similar styled prequel in an attempt to fill in the gaps created by it’s predecessor. They appeared at this years Gamescom to introduce Dead in Vinland.

Bigger & Better Than Before

Dead is Vinland has many similarities with Dead in Bermuda. The gameplay is turn-based and teaches you from the get-go to assign tasks to your survivors. As you progress, you’ll begin to discover the island and start to experience the storyline. Both titles in the Dead in series follow the same system of gameplay. While both share similar characteristics when it comes to the choices between life and death, Dead in Vinland aims to be the superior title and succeed where Dead in Bermuda did not.

Due to the randomness of materials and events, Dead in Bermuda was often extremely hard to begin with, and success normally came down to luck. By the end of the game, once a base had been secured and all characters had their rotations, tasks and actions just became monotonous. However, the community manager for CCCP promises us that their four-member team had taken into account all of the community’s criticism and wants Dead in Vinland to be the prequel everyone deserves.

Dead in Vinland is set to be bigger and much more fleshed out. We can expect better content, features and a stronger story connected to the events of Death in Bermuda. However, Vinland will have a Nordic setting and will only provide the player with four characters to begin with instead of the usual eight. As the player, you’re in charge of an exiled Viking named Eirik and his family, stranded and in search of a new home on a seemingly deserted island.

More Characters & Battles

Gradually, you will get the chance to obtain more islanders and expand you team to a maximum of fourteen characters. Crafting has also been developed and improved, providing many more options than possible to explore in one play through. So much crafting content could easily increase the game’s replay value and may make Dead in Vinland less straightforward. Likewise, story decisions and the relationships between characters will now be more closely interwoven and influence one another. Currently the developers are working on several end-game options to give this prequel even more variation for the players.

Dead in Vinland has completely new combat inspired by The Darkest Dungeon’s turn-based combat system. Although a lot of the fighting is down to preparation and skill, be ready for a solid amount of RNG aswell. The number of attacks a character can do is limited by their endurance. Each character will also have a specific skill set; these include debuffs and protective effects.

Much like Dead in Bermuda, Vinland will also be characterised by esoteric themes presented through it’s bizarre characters. As well as many of Vikings, there are also Nordic deities and characters from numerous other nationalities. Having conversations with these individuals will add to your knowledge of the island and the individuals themselves. In Bermuda, these conversations were a little random and rarely led to anything useful. Vinland has corrected that problem and they are now supposed to be more life-like and tangible.

Assign your characters different tasks in camp.

Dead in Vinland is scheduled to spend six months in development till it’s release in Spring 2018.



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