Dead Dozen

As the first Alpha of Dead Dozen is getting closer with the date set at January 18th, the developers Fntastic came with the first pre-alpha gameplay trailer, which shows us the exact horrors that await us in the Soviet research base.

Die as a Human Rise as a Ghoul

Dead Dozen is a multiplayer action horror game, where you have to survive inside an abandoned Soviet research base deep in Siberia. At the beginning of the match one of the twelve players gets turned into the leader of the ghouls. As ghoul it’s your job to kill or infect all survivors, while as human you either have to kill all ghouls or survive till the timer is over.

The beginning of the trailer shows us what roles you are able to pick as human,with a total of four roles: Scout, offense, Support and Defence. Of course, each of these roles have their own weapons and objects which gives you the opportunity to use different strategies. When being killed the transformation to ghoul happens quite fastly, which means you have to keep an eye out on your fallen teammates. However, the game isn’t just about shooting around, as humans are able to build barricades and ghouls are able to break through walls and floors.


As the date of the first alpha is getting closer you are able to pick up the two editions of the game at a discount of 30%, till January 5th. Both editions give access to the alpha and the full game at the release. Also, each edition has its own exclusive builds with skins and bonuses.

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