Curtain Call


Since the 12th of June Dead by Daylight has a new DLC, Curtain Call, which includes a new killer, a female survivor, and a creepy church map complete with carnival attractions. So, if you are scared of clowns, you might want to pass on this one.


Dead by Daylight Clown
No time for joking around!

The new killer in Dead by Daylight is known as The Clown. His play style focuses on herding victims into his clutches. The Clown does this by throwing bottles of poisonous gas that cover a wide area for a brief period. The gas blinds survivors, impairs their movement, and causes them to cough violently and which give away their location. Besides this, the clown comes with three new perks which all focus on making the survivors having a hard time.

A friendly face

Dead by Daylight Character
Kate Denson

The new survivor is named Kate Denson, her story is one full of friendship and helping friends in need. Even in this dire situation, she didn’t lose that spirit. Her abilities include not leaving scratch marks for three seconds after jumping over or escaping a locker, seeing pallets within 20 meters, a strong struggling effect against the killer, and obscuring aura hooks within 24 meters.

Father Campbell’s Chapel

The new map in Dead by Daylight brings the survivors to an abandoned church and its graveyard. Back in the days, patients would seek refuge here by getting guidance from the father. However, one night the father met his own end and the church became empty. Since then a bright-colored caravan joined the scene and the graveyard is filled with spooky carnival attractions. A perfect spot for an evil clown.

Dead by Daylight Church
Father Campbell’s Chapel

The Clown is the latest original killer added to Dead by Daylight since July of last year, making this DLC highly anticipated. Curtain Call DLC is available for purchase on Steam for $6.99.


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