Dead by Daylight has introduced a brand new playable character and he’s no horror game newbie. The title’s Left Behind update will include four new character costumes and feature a Left 4 Dead icon. Put your hands together for the return of our beloved survivor and veteran zombie killer, William “Bill” Overbeck.

Dead by Daylight Meets Left 4 Dead

Starbreeze Studios, Behaviour Digital and Valve are the masterminds behind this exciting crossover. They are just as giddy as the fans to see Left 4 Dead’s Bill brought into the multiplayer horror world of Dead by Daylight. Also added are four new survivor outfits, previously worn by Left 4 Dead series characters, Zoey, Elias, Rochelle and Francis. This awesome update is free of charge and available for PC through Steam and several other distribution channels.

The four new outfits in Left Behind themed from past Left 4 Dead characters.

A Fighter from Day One

Left 4 Dead fans are no doubt relieved to see Bill alive and well. The Vietnam double digit veteran we know and love would never have given up so easily. Honorable discharge put an end to his war days, an act he didn’t take kindly to.

He struggled to find a steady job as most do after being discharged from the army. He spent decades moving from one dead end job to the next, till his life was turned upside down after a routine surgery. Bill awoke to a world of humans infected with a deadly virus that caused violent and primal outbursts. Finally, a chance to relive the good old days. Despite a knee full of shrapnel, he couldn’t wait to get back on the battlefield. Bill is the ultimate bad-ass.

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He fought his way through hordes of “undead” in rural ghost towns and dark damp forests until he stumbled upon other survivors. The four banded together and made it their goal to survive at all costs. Sadly things went south and in an effort to keep the other party members safe, a sacrifice had to be made. Bill found himself left for dead and alone once again. In Dead by Daylight’s Left Behind update, he will come to realize that the fight is far from over and a new enemy awaits.

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