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From meat and mud is the name of the new Dead by Daylight DLC, which was released yesterday. It brings you another killer and survivor, as well as three perks each and an extra Map.

She is haunting you!

Dead by Daylight HagWith dark illusions, the Hag seeks the survivors home. Their special ability is called phantom events. For this, she draws a symbol on the ground and as soon as a survivor approaches, a haze of the Hag appears, which looks deceptively genuine. But be careful, because it can really come into view as soon as the trap is triggered.

The new Perks of the witch

Of course, the Hag also got three individual Perks. Very important for their abilities are the accursed totems, which negatively affect the survivors.

Ruin: This curse impedes survivors in the repair of generators. Thus perform good skill checks to reduce the repair and great checks will not bring any progress.

Hopefully: If a survivor is taken from the hook within 24 meters of the totem, this will be a sign. These signs grant the Hag double damage or killing a survivor with his own hands.

The Third Seal: The Hag curses survivors as long as a totem is active. The curse reduces the aura-reading ability of the Survivor. The curse can be ended only by destroying the totem.

Luck is with the cunning

The new Survivor is called Ace and he has very good luck. He thinks of himself at least, so he likes to take a risk no matter how big it is. Of course he also brings three new Perks into the game.

Ace in the sleeve: When removing items from boxes, an add-on can be equipped with.

Increase your stake: For each survivor who is still alive, any remaining Survivor gets a lucky bonus.

With open hand: This perk strengthens the aura-reading ability and extends the range of the aura-reading.

Just do not get stuck

The new map is called Backwater Swamp. There you go into a dry swamp full of wrecks of boats and a paddlewheel steamer. But the Hag is waiting for you there. Can you manage to survive and not sink into the swamp forever?

SOURCEDead by Daylight via Steam
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