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Much time has passed since the announcement of the Xbox Preview Program at E3 2015. The Xbox Preview Program (now called Xbox Insider) was to allow gamers to purchase and play games while they were in active development and DayZ was included amongst the list of upcoming games. A year and a half later, work on the console version appears to be starting. However, don’t jump on the hype train just yet!

Work on the Xbox One Version Confirmed

While the wait for new information about console versions of DayZ was getting longer as the priority seemed to be on further development of the engine, we have a positive sign that the Xbox One version is finally in development. Community Manager Baty Alquawen has just given a specific answer about the work being done.

We are working hard on Xbox version now.
We’ll share any news here when we have them :).

This is in line with the developer’s statements that all systems are already running at beta level after the final script change. However, no date is specified for publication. It is believed that Patch 0.63 and the release for the Xbox One early access program could coincide, as they both require the full implementation of the new engine modules.

For PS4 players, unfortunately there is only a dim light on the horizon. Since PlayStation does not support an early access program, it will take an unknown amount of time for DayZ to enter the living room.


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