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A new DayZ update should be published in a few days. You will now find out exactly when that is and what to expect.

Update Overview: The DayZ developer Bohemia Interactive announced via Twitter that the next DayZ update should appear this month. That applies at least to one of the three existing platforms.

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Then the DayZ update comes & that’s in it

What’s in it? So far, the new DayZ content for February can only be played on the PC experimental servers. DayZ Update 1.11 is a slightly smaller patch that focuses more on fixes and adjustments to existing content.

The most important contents of the DayZ update 1.11 are:

  • Zombies & animals take damage from barbed wire
  • The heat from fire has been reduced
  • 5.56 mm ammo is now about 9% slower than before
  • Car batteries are consumables, so they lose their durability.
  • self made gardens can now be removed using a pickaxe

All other content, bug fixes and changes in the latest DayZ update can be found here.

When does it start? According to Bohemia Interactive, the new content for DayZ will appear for the PC in February 2021. To be precise, this is February 16, 2020. So far, this only applies to the PC. As usual, the console versions follow a little later.

In addition, you have to endure a setback, because with the DayZ update 1.11 there will be a full database wipe. So characters, bases, and pretty much all progress are set to zero.

Not only the official servers should be affected, modded servers and Namalsk are also affected by the wipe. For newcomers, this may be the right time to get started, as everyone has to start from scratch on February 16. No gigantic bases and overrun traders!

SOURCEBohemia Interactive via Twitter
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  1. More people left oficial server and play commounity beacuse more food cars pls when listen me i play day z with my friends oficial server because more realistink pls put more food ok and cars and i can and with my friends thats all thanks

  2. Waste of time lol be a week will be back to how it was we want game tag dropped on dog tag better gun s q bike forget the crap cars waste of time using them

  3. How bout they address the god damn hackers instead?! ESP, speed hacks, aimbot, one shot wallbanging me through steel doors, inside a garage, or in my base around no windows, and my partner doesnt even hear the shot while standing next to me, before he’s taken out as well….sad pieces of trash.


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