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The Zombie-Survival-Game DayZ has been updatet to version 1.12 today on May 4th. We have the most important innovations and patch notes for you!

Finally a big update: The DayZ update 1.12 has now appeared on the live servers and brings a whole truckload of new items with it. Including, for example, over a dozen new types of food, weapons, and tools.

That’s in DayZ Update 1.12 – Sniper, Food & More

New weapons & tools

One of the most important innovations in the current patch is probably the many new weapons and tools. From now on you can find 6 new ones. Including not only a new firearm but also melee weapons such as a kukri:

  • Pioneer Sniper Rifle (Scout): A 5.56 mm sniper rifle that can carry M4 attachments. A magazine is required, but it does not yet exist.
  • Catch Knife: A Bowie knife that you can use as both a tool and a deadly weapon.
  • Kukri knife: This knife has an angled blade and so far has proven to be extremely powerful.
  • Sickle: This helpful tool is an old friend of DayZ veterans.
  • Garden hoe: You can use this to create fields but also grow them in greenhouses for the first time in a long time.
  • Broom: I’d like to be able to say something positive about the broom … It’s very good.


New foods

Update 1.12, which has just been released, includes over a dozen new foods. The fact that I dreamed of it shortly before the announcement also proves that you can absolutely trust me as a source, follow our page and community on Facebook!

But back to the text: In fact, there are many new foods, including crackers, popcorn, dog and cat food, or simply new canned foods. Here is a full list!

  • Chocolate waffle
  • honey
  • Salty chips
  • Whole liver paste
  • Processed meat
  • Brisket
  • Luncheon meat
  • Canned ham
  • cat food
  • Dog Food
  • cracker
  • Pretzel Sticks
  • peanuts
  • Unknown canned food (They didn’t mean anything good in the Arma 2 DayZ Mod!)


More changes in the DayZ update 1.12

Stronger zombies: I particularly like this change because the infected are finally a greater threat. Among other things, the current patch ensures that they now cause more damage and are more difficult to block.

But before you scream, the whole thing has been very well-balanced. The zombies strike harder and faster, but if you are unconscious, they let go of you. Also, they no longer respond to silenced gunshots.


New PvP Meta: Similar changes have been made to PvP as well. Here, too, confrontations should more often end with an unconscious status and not with death.

That being said, you should be careful with the automatic firearms condition. These are far less precise than in version 1.11. Update 1.12 from DayZ again ensures balance and changes single-shot weapons and pistols so that they are more accurate.

That was the most important thing, but …

More here: The current DayZ Update 1.12 naturally includes some other changes and innovations. We have listed the most important of them in this article you just read. If you want to find out more about the new food cultivation methods or modified vehicles as well as bug fixing, visit us at!


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