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The latest DayZ update 1.11 was released a few minutes ago on the experimental servers. We have all the patch notes for you, but they are quite meager.

Update Overview: Unfortunately the patch notes of the DayZ update 1.11 cannot be compared with those of the previous updates. For example, there is an unbelievable number of bug fixes and minor tweaks that we urgently needed. In return, there is no new content.

More News about DayZ

These are the most important new features in DayZ Update 1.11

What you get: As mentioned at the beginning, there isn’t really any solid new content. The focus of the DayZ update 1.11 is clearly on bug fixes, minor changes to the game balance and many small tweaks. You will find out the most important now:

For one thing, car, bus, and truck batteries are now consumer goods. Every time you start a vehicle with them, they lose a little of their durability. How often you can start it, we will submit later. Gardens can also be removed with a pickaxe and shovel.

The rusty trucks on the roadside can now contain working vehicle parts and the flags of the base building winners have been implemented.

Also important:

  • Zombies & animals take damage from barbed wire
  • The heat from fire has been reduced
  • 5.56mm ammo is now about 9% slower than before

And that was it with the visible innovations. You can find everything else in the following list.

DayZ Update 1.11: Full Patch Notes

1. Fixes

  • Fixed an exploit to look/glitch through walls
  • Plants could not become infested
  • Fixed a server crash related to pulling corpses out of vehicles
  • Fixed a game crash connected to item attachments
  • The player can no longer execute certain actions when their legs are broken
  • The player can no longer dance with a broken leg
  • Preparing Mackerels or the Carp did not stain the player’s hands with blood
  • An applied splint would disappear if the player’s inventory was full at the moment the healing was completed
  • The Pumpkin Helmet was still shining when ruined
  • Flares shot by the flare gun often disappeared inside objects
  • The glow of the flare was immense when seen from up close (now scaled with the distance)
  • Getting out of a car could result in the character appearing on the roof when an object was on the exit position
  • Fixed a server error caused by repeated crouching during an ongoing action
  • The inventory of improvised shelters could be accessed from the closed-off sides
  • Infected could hit the player through shelters and tents
  • Infected could enter closed-off containers (variants 2A and 2B)
  • The wrong particle effect was displayed when hitting infected with a Pipe, Wrench, or a Lug wrench
  • Adjusted collisions and occluders of buildings against unwanted behavior
  • Removed collisions of low-hanging tree branches for better navigation
  • Exploit allowing players to get infinite plant seeds
  • The Frying Pans and Cooking Pots would disappear from fireplaces upon server restart
  • The inventory of the M3S truck did not refresh after removing attached containers from it
  • The dashboard on certain vehicles would disappear after certain actions
  • Ruined hatchets showed the wrong texture
  • The contents of the fireplace would not always be displayed correctly in the world
  • The indoor fireplace could sometimes get wet during rain
  • Land mines were not dealing damage when placed in the doorways of specific houses
  • Barbed wire could block the damage of grenades
  • Sounds were missing when skinning with some tools
  • It was possible to build overlapping fences and watchtowers
  • Swapping materials attached to base building objects could trigger a desynchronization
  • Fixed a server error when checking the pulse of a disconnecting player
  • The battery charger is not a heavy item anymore
  • The battery charger could not recharge car and truck batteries
  • Items could not be rotated and placed on the same space
  • Placing a connected battery into the inventory would not disconnect it
  • It was possible to use items placed in attachment slots for crafting operations
  • Entering a vehicle with a Chemlight or Road Flare turned on would ruin them
  • It was problematic to open/close the doors of certain vehicles when in third person view
  • It is no longer possible to cut a raincoat into armbands when its inventory isn’t empty
  • Attempting to throw a handheld plugged device would unplug it, preventing it from being turned back on
  • Slicing a rotten pumpkin produced edible pumpkin slices
  • Preparing spoiled fish would produce edible fish
  • Players were unable to remove some car parts from close range
  • An engine belt was displayed in the ADA 4×4 (
  • It was possible to craft a long torch from a sharpened stick with food attached, causing the food to disappear
  • Items split in the inventory of the truck would appear below it
  • Items were appearing on the roof when swapped them while inside specific buildings
  • It was not possible to open cans that were upside down while in full inventory
  • Character hand slot become broken after exiting a vehicle in the water
  • Endless white cable appeared after placing a Spotlight
  • It was possible to sometimes light a fireplace underwater

2. Changes

  • Updated the Tarp (Fabric) durability, textures and inventory view
  • More tools can be used to slice pumpkins
  • Reduced initial velocity of the 5.56x45mm ammunition by 9% to match real values
  • Barbed Wire and Fire now deal damage to infected and animals
  • Deployed Barbed Wire can only be dismantled from inside on Fence and Watchtower
  • The fireplace now warms a larger area, with the maximum heat reaching further
  • Lowered the maximum heat of the fireplace
  • Updated the credits

3. Game Economy

  • Changed: Reduced the amount of ammunition and magazines
  • Tweaked: Deagle and Revolver now spawn in Towns only
  • Tweaked: Repeater tiers adjusted from Tier 1,2,3 to 2,3,4 (Chernarus)
  • Tweaked: Batteries wont spawn with a full charge anymore
  • Fixed: spawn points on Land_Castle_Stairs_nolc
  • Fixed: BearPelt was missing

4. Consoles

  • Fixed: The Xbox Experimental disclaimer was not available in Brazilian Portuguese
  • Fixed: The info widget in the vicinity does not pop up consistently
  • Fixed: Tent doors were missing collision after their destruction
  • Fixed: Inventory interaction hints were not shown properly on items with quantity sometime
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  1. Played COD the other day after spending a month playing DayZ and got murdered. There’s literally no skill in COD except aiming in and shooting, whereas Dayz, you got to know how much ammo/magazines you have all the time, make sure you have medical equipment if shot or sick, and actually have to hunt for your kills. Games like Dayz show real skill from players rather than just mindlessly walking around and shooting people with fantasy mechanics. I’d take a server wipe on this game every six months just because it’s the greatest game out there. Change my mind.

    • I agree to some extend, but the same high risk mechanic that makes DayZ interresting also makes it frustrating. Last night I died from a bear, I f* ed up, bear got me and respawning was annoying but a nice litle challenge. So I spend 6 hours, running around stabilizing myself, finding food, looting some good starter gear, finding meds to cure some cholera. I make my way all the way back to my base, with some close calls on the way. Finally find my base, that has a litle shelter close by. Make the last preparations at the shelter, to finally be almost where I was when the bear hits me. As I´m looking through my inventory I hear footsteps running up on me. I just manage to catch a glimpse of the guy who flushed the last six hours of gameplay down the drain, and probably left me with even less than the bear did.

  2. If you want an easy game to play there’s fallout DayZ is the best best hardcore survival game their is ya it has bugs but what do you expect fr9m a game that was made for a PC not a console and at the they ain’t Some multi million dollar company Bohemia is a small gaming developer so quit crying or help fund them so they can grow besides this game is always on sale blame your self if you didn’t buy it while it was on sale

  3. If i put my character into a community server before the update then join an official server after the update will my character still wipe?

  4. New players shouldn’t be worried.. you might actually have a chance of finding some good items after the wipe!
    So sick of grinding for days to find an automatic weapon bigger than 9mm!!

  5. They fixing everything but the ACTUAL problems….change the load in time….stop ghosting….fix under the map issue…fix the lag in a gun fight so its more stable and not skipping everywhere..I swear ya fixing shit that really ain’t a BIG deal….fix where wen im fighting a Zombie…im not glitching through the zombie as the zombie continues to beat me as if im directly infront of him wen im standing/glitching in the middle of the Zombie itself….so many games that don’t have this problem, Get. YOUR. ShIT. TOGETHER.

    • Couldnt Agree More!

      Just fix all lag and this game would be 20 times More fun to play. Would be Nice to be able to drive a car without getting a 15 second freeze lag and crash

  6. Just started to play Dayz 1 month ago, so will i lose all my gear and base after this update, im playing on a community server?


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