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DayZ Update 1.10 is the most extensive update in a long time. It changes the weather system, introduces fractures, changes Chernarus, and more!

DayZ Update 1.10 Experimental: First, it should be said that the latest DayZ update has not yet been installed on the live servers. So far you can only test it out on Xbox One and PC via the Experimental Stage.

These are the contents of DayZ Update 1.10

Completely new weather system: As we mentioned in one of our last articles on DayZ Namalsk, a new weather & temperature system should appear with the update 1.10. The changes can be summarized as follows:

Wind and weather now have a greater impact on your character. Many aspects are included:

  • What clothes do you wear & how well is it insulated?
  • How high above sea level are you? The higher you are (further inland), the colder it
  • Is your position or walking route sheltered from the winds? Open fields expose you to the wind more than forests or cities.
  • Have you recently warmed up? Campfires give you a buff that will keep your temperature up for a while.
  • What time of year is the server you are playing on? Servers can change the calendar, which not only changes the position of the sun it now also adjusts temperatures.

Now it shouldn’t be long before the icy Namalsk mountain map appears, on which Adam “Sumrak” Francu has been working for several years.

DayZ Namalsk

Broken bones are back: we’ve all waited a long time for this. Your character can finally break his legs again. This happens when you fall from an extreme height or enough blunt damage has been dealt to it, i.e. gunshots and meele.

If you try to walk upright with a broken leg, your character will faint after a few steps. Contrary to the expectations, Morphine, however, no longer helps the expectation. Only a splint that you craft out of sticks and bandages will help.

Cutting up animals: The last major mechanical adjustment is the cutting up of animals. Until now, you could only do this with sharp tools such as knives or a machete. But now you can also use crowbars or shovels.

The developers at Bohemia Interactive decided to do this because the leather you make from animal skins is more important now. For example, you need it in order to build the new improvised shelter — but more on that later.


New content in DayZ Update 1.10: weapons, tents & more

Light the way for me: There is a new weapon in the DayZ update 1.10. At least one could call the Flare Gun a weapon because it works like one. However, it only shoots different colored flares that glow. The weapon can’t cause real damage, neither to zombies nor to players.

This is how you can easily store loot: There is a new exemplar of the Base Building category. The “improvised shelter” offers you a little space for items. You can also build it in different variants. With or without camouflage is up to you.


To build the shelter you will need tarps. This new building material is also used to repair tents. If you combine sticks, leather, and tarps, you get the shelter. There is also a new leather backpack that looks like a self-made dry bag. This too is made from leather.

Chernarus is being expanded: Several smaller islands were placed between the prison island and the mainland. This should make it easier for you to travel between the island and the coast. In my humble eyes, it makes the sense of prison island obsolete, but be it if the gameplay benefits from it.


Further changes that are included in the DayZ Update 1.10, such as bug and technology fixes, can be found here! The images are kindly provided by the Youtuber RavPlays, feel free to watch his videos!


  1. Are players still going to be able too glitch through base walls, WHAT IS THE POINT OF BUILDING BASES IF PEOPLE CAN JUST GLITCH INTO UR BASE???HONESTLY POINTLESS PLAYING IF THIS KEEPS Happening—-?

  2. kill kill kill barely any loot drops. eat massive, starve ten minutes later.. boring af walking around no loot rotten apples around trees, its more like a how long can you play before being annoyed by bad mechanics. for the price tag, you guys could have done a lot better.

  3. this update is amazing and if you’ve been playing this game like I have been for the last summer 2 years you wouldn’t be having such a hard time with dying.

    • Just saying I play hardcore Dayz not this old third person peek shit. If you don’t Play Dayz and in first person hardcore then you shouldn’t be playing the game at all. Dayz hardcore is defined by the following. Third person perspective turned off. And crosshairs turned off first person perspective only hardcore mode gents.

  4. It’s like the devs who make this game live in their moms basement and won’t listen to anyone. I logged back in to see if it still sucks only to die three times to starvation in a single day before nightfall. That’s not realistic and is downright stupid. Coupled with the fact that food is impossible to find and gone from shorelines only the basement dwellers would enjoy this game

    • If you die from starvation you suck. Kill find a Meele weapon in sheds and kill zombies in the beginning they drop a lil food , then find a knife, find a chicken, kill it and skin it. Go further inland you’ll find much more food weapons and animals to kill. It’s not hard to find food. Also this is a survival game it’s meant to be a challenge. If you still can’t succeed in it then maybe go play fortnite

      • Nice Tip dude:P I do all the time, after killing chicken and skin it find bush take stems and long stick, scrub bark from tree make simple firestarter from stem and barkXD make fireplace chciekn on stick and go its 180cal for 2 slot food, i always prefer deer they give nice meat with plenty calories

  5. The Improvised Shelter on Xbox is appalling! Bright WHITE, no leaves and visible from miles away! Complete letdown!


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