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A group of DayZ fans is currently working on a short series about the game. Now you can watch the first scenes from the first episode.

Bohemia shared it: DayZ’s official Twitter account has shared the work of Darmon Moore and his team on the platform. That seems like a few minutes from the very first episode.

Thats What It Looks Like! Something more is needed

What we see: In the short clip from the prologue of the DayZ Show “Chernarus”, which takes place in its universe, we see a man who is probably fleeing from a pursuer who shoots at him.

The short 3:40 minute video, however, doesn’t show anything about the story or the characters. The scenes are wordless but atmospheric. However, the camera, sound, and editing are great and promise a lot of potential!

It is unclear when the entire prologue or the rest of the DayZ Show will be released. However, we are looking forward to another game adaptation.

Tarkov does it: There can be no good movie adaptations of video games. That seems to be a law of nature and is mostly due to the fact that directors and artists who don’t understand the fandom behind work on such projects.

In the case of Escape From Tarkov and now DayZ, it is the developers, producers and fans of the games who are responsible for the “TV” format.

Escape From Tarkov developer Battlestate Games designed a series called “Raid”. It comes up with bombastic effects and captivates from start to finish. New episodes are only released irregularly, and the voice-overs are completely in Russian. But see for yourself:

Time for a real adaptation! In one of our earlier articles, we already talked about a possible DayZ series. So far, the survival MMO has only made it as a guest appearance on a Swedish show. We and many fans have long wanted DayZ to appear on the screen or on TV. Maybe the future is brighter!


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