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The second episode of the DayZ fan tv show “Chernarus” has been released. The design convinces hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide.

This is the tv show: A few months ago we reported for the first time about a fan project by passionate DayZ players. This project is a tv show in which you follow the life of a still nameless man who has to find his way in the post-apocalyptic Chernarus. Now the second episode has appeared, and we want more now!

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This is episode 2 of “Chernarus”: You should see that!

It’s so exciting: Without revealing too much, we would like to go into the second episode of the DayZ fan tv show. In fan projects, the question always arises as to how good the product really is in the end. Those responsible wrote the show exciting. Even without much dialogue, we can understand what the characters are doing and guess what drives them.

The fact that there is a Chernarus card on the table with the inscription “DayZ” is simply charming. But then we would have wished that the series wasn’t set in Chernarus.

When you first look at the scenery, you immediately notice that the setting is not close Central Europe or Russia.

When to expect the new episode: Around two and a half months passed between the first and second episode of the DayZ fan tv show. We cannot say whether this can be used as an indication of when the next episode will appear.

In contrast to large-scale productions, the team around YouTuber “Mr. Utah” (bourgeois Darmon Moore) is on its own. That of course delays editing and other post-production immensely. Nevertheless, we are already looking forward to the continuation.

So that you don’t miss a thing, subscribe directly to Mr. Utah’s channel!



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