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DayZ Stalker still inspires DayZ players thanks to its extremely different settings & updates. Did you throw the rifle in the contaminated grain? I tell you why you should return!

This is what DayZ Stalker is about: If you have come across the term DayZ Stalker, StalkerZ or Stalker: Live Zone or Exclusion Zone for the first time, I’ll explain briefly what the PC-exclusive mod is about. Click here to download!

As one of many adventure seekers, you break into a zone around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant near the city of Pripyat. There are supposed to be artifacts here that promise power and wealth. You either find them on your own or join a player-led faction.

That’s why you should come back to DayZ Stalker!

Another world: You may have seen one of our last DayZ articles about StalkerZ. A big update was reported here, which expands the map of DayZ Stalker, “Exclusion Zone” on a large scale.

But it didn’t stop there and so the developers of the mod card made further changes to it. Not only can you cruise up and down the Pripyat River, you will notice countless new locations along the way.

In the south, a marshland was added, which is the size of the Chernarus capital Chernogorsk. What can you find there, you wonder? You’ll have to find out for yourself.

dayz-stalker-map-expansion-update-november-2020 (2)

Many other locations are new and the gigantic map is still not finished. Work is still being carried out on the expansion and the result so far is more than impressive.

Each area in the Area of Decay (Exclusion Zone) tells its own story. Lots of little stories that are still connected. Anyone who knows the S.T.A.L.K.E.R games also knows about the story.

But it’s not just the map that will be expanded with specially created models. The arsenal and clothing are also extended. With every update, new items come into play. The latest appeared just yesterday on November the 17th.

dayz stalker update

Lively community: Speaking of story and factions, in DayZ Stalker you can join various factions as mentioned above. In general, too, the role-playing community is always open to new things and new stories that are told by you about your experience in DayZ Stalker.

For some time now, however, you have also been able to do without the role-play aspect entirely. There are also pure PvP servers, which are unfortunately very sparsely visited. We therefore recommend that you focus on the RP servers.

In the end, it depends on whether you like to explore unknown places or not! If so, you should definitely pay another visit to DayZ Stalker.

We at Survivethis can also be found on the following servers every now and then:

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  • StalkerZ: Hardcore RolePlay Survival
  • Stalker Call Of The Zone RP Whitelist
  • [RU] DayZ Stalker RP Kill or die (largest server by population)


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