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Soft Skills in DayZ: What They Bring You & How You Use Them!

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Years ago, the developers of DayZ announced that they would introduce soft skills. But did you know that it already exists? Today I’ll show you what they mean, how to level them & what to unlock!

Please where? There is a bar in your DayZ character’s inventory that shows you your progress in soft skills. Where do you wonder As soon as you open your inventory, a bar appears with the symbols of a sewing needle and that of a hammer? You can find it at the bottom left of the screen.

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Almost everyone overlooked soft skills in DayZ!

The soft skills available in DayZ were simply overlooked by an incredible number of players. The web is full of questions about the weird symbols and the bar in between. Other players – including myself – completely faded it out and didn’t even think about what that could actually mean.

Note that: before you get down to the job of inflating your soft skill bar as if it were a bicycle tire, you should consider the following. Once you die, your progress will be reset. Apart from that, you can only level up and maximize one of the two skills at a time, the other remains at zero!

DayZ Softskills

1. This is what the symbols say!

On the left side of the bar you can see the needle and thread. This represents your dexterity and influences the skinning of animals, repairing clothes and tools.

On the right, however, you can see a hammer that represents strength. For the sake of simplicity, I call the needle & thread “skill” and the hammer symbol “strength”. In the middle you will find a small triangle that marks your progress.

2. This is how soft skills work in DayZ

  • Strength: Strength does not affect your clout etc. It helps you a lot more in building a base. If your strength skill is high enough, you have a higher chance of getting twice the amount of resources from trees and stones. In the case of a stack of boards, the receipt increases from three to five boards.
  • Fortune: The Fortune Skill is aimed at all those who take on the smallest jobs in a team. You use less duct tape or resin when repairing clothing, weapons, or tools.

In addition, the risk of injury from a blood transfusion is reduced, especially since you can collect 10% more blood from others. At the maximum you can also feed items up on Pristine (Flawless).

3. How to level your soft skills

Let’s start again with the strength skill. To improve this, you can craft splints, torches or campfires. Optionally, you can also cut trees or use a pickaxe to remove rocks.

You can increase your skill by repairing tools, clothing or weapons. On the other hand, you can also let the paramedic hang out and focus on providing players with transfusions. It’s best to combine all of this, of course.

No PvP advantage through soft skills in DayZ!

Strictly against it: Although once planned, the DayZ team from Bohemia Interactive decided against soft skills that influence PvP. When the system was announced at the time, it was still said that players who shoot a lot with long guns can fire more precisely in the long run.

Such skills have completely disappeared from the plans and what is left is what you now see in DayZ. For some players, this is disappointing, because it would only be realistic if your own character was able to handle weapons better over time.

As you know, the player characters in DayZ are only civilians, which should also explain the strong wobbling with the various guns.

Realistic would be …: However, it is not really realistic if the character suddenly just handles it better. Of course that would be a solution, but you, the real player, are already learning to use weapons better. A soft skill that also takes on this in the game would be a bit much.

That’s all we got for the DayZ Soft Skills. If we missed something, let us know in the comments below!





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