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After the presentation of the last of us part 2 from Naughty Dog on the PlayStation Experience, the DayZ developers also thought, “Why not produce DayZ 2?” There are now first indications for DayZ 2: Day Harder – now also in VR!

Collaboration with VR-Support

After available credible reports about free VR glasses for all DayZ buyers, the idea will be used again but with a slight change. Since the developer team has now returned from their vacation on the secret Mars base for super rich and spent all the money on DayZ, the second part of the success story is planned. This can be taken from an insider tweet by Creative Director Brian Hicks to DayZ creator Dean Hall. He also gives an approximate price list: the game will be available at a standard price of $69.95. In addition, the player can now purchase the Season-Pass, which is compulsory for triple A titles, at a price of $ 49.95. Also, the Oculus Support for $ 39.99.

Rumors has it that Dean’s new company RocketWerkz has just started its current VR project Out of Ammo to prepare for the development of DayZ 2 in VR! So the creator of the DayZ-Mod could return to the development after 2 years of absence. The dynamic duo were asked what inspired the brilliant idea of bringing a second version of DayZ to the market and they answered: ‘Money’

The obligatory disclaimer

This article is a satirical contribution, based solely on a joke-Tweet by Brian Hicks and not on facts. There is currently no DayZ 2 planned. In this sense we wish you a Merry Christmas :D


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